Important Tips in Finding the Ideal Office Space in Sydney

It is the best interest of any business, whether a new start-up or an established large multinational corporation, to have the ideal office space. After all, your office space reflects what your company is. The truth is that it is where you meet and talk with customers, prospects, employees, shareholders, and guests. This is where they make their impressions when they see how your office looks like and how people are working in this type of environment. The attractiveness of your office may play a huge part in attracting talented prospective employees, closing a deal with clients, and impressing other people about what your company stands for. If you are interested in finding an office space for rent in Sydney or Melbourne, search the listing at a property search site.

Have you ever watched “Office Space”? Well if you do, you don’t want to work in a gloomy environment with a dead-end job plus a problematic boss to work with, do you? We can always dream of having the best office space like those people working in Google or Facebook. If a company wants its employees motivated to work even better then rewarding them with a good place to work would be the best that they can do. Setting up an office space sounds so easy but it is quite difficult to begin with.

1. Location, Location

The most important factor in choosing your ideal workspace is location. You don’t want to work on the top of a tall office building if it’s serviced with faulty elevators or winding staircase. Besides, employees want to work in place where it is accessible and reasonable drive time from home. On the business owner’s perspective, ideal offices should be located in the central business district because doing business with customers and clients can be done easily. You don’t have to a lavish place in the middle of the business district but a business owner should rent office space that has all the amenities that every employee wants.

2. Connectivity and Accessibility

When it comes to setting up your office space, it is important to consider the following factors: proximity to customers, proximity to workforce, and cost of operating it. It is essential for an office location to service customers and clients alike by having it closer to them. The employees help run the business every single day so it is convenient for them to work in a very accessible office location therefore it should be near public transportation and near banks, restaurants, and supermarkets. Finally, business owners should know that an office space cost money from electricity to maintenance. So expect to pay a hefty price for having an office in the middle of the central business district may cost you more than having it in the suburbs.

3. The Set-Up

Once you signed the office space lease, it is now time to set things up by putting all the office furniture, cubicle spaces, and all the electronics and appliances that will keep your operations up and running. You may want to customise the look and feel of your office but if you want to save money then you may have to settle for second-hand fixtures.

4. The Services

Important business services such as reception, postal, customer support, and purchasing keep your office operation afloat. The quality of the services is a big deal for customers and clients alike. Once you know which services you want to keep in-house or outsource then you will know that your office space is well utilised. At the end of the day, you have to balance quality and cost of services.

5. Hidden Costs

Even if you follow all office space tips, there are some unwritten facts about it. There are hidden costs in office operations. You don’t get the office that you bargain for because there are renovation and decoration issues. Before you sign the lease, read the finer details of the terms and conditions of the lease contract of the commercial office space that you want. Any flaws in the contract may have severe repercussions to the growth and success of your business in the long run.

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