The Essential Pet Dog Travel Tips on the Road

You can always walk your dog to the neighbourhood sidewalk or the nearest park anytime you want but if you want to embark on a road trip with your pooch then you have to prepare for it. Pet travel is different as compared to a road trip with your loved ones or your best mates. There many things that you need to prepare before you embark your trip and other things to consider by the time you hit the road with your dog. Imagine yourself on a long drive to the suburbs your lovable Russell terrier, what will you do if he wants to eat or gets bored from the long hour drive? Check out the best vehicles that are tailored-fit for your pet dog’s needs at a motoring search portal.

Essential pre-travel preparations are needed before you packed your bags and put the pet travel cages in place. Make sure that your dog is not too sick to travel because they may suffer serious health issues along the way. Some states may have certain health requirements once you travel across state lines so it would be advisable to put your veterinarian on speed dial in case you encounter certain health issues on your dog along the way. Always bring your pet’s health certificate and rabies vaccination record every time you go on the road with your dog. Follow the pet travel tips so that you will know what to prepare before you drive your vehicle and what to do when problems arise.

Pre-Travel Tips

If you have checked your car for its petrol level or engine condition then don’t forget to prepare all the pet dog necessities and restraints that prevent your pet from jumping out of your car. It doesn’t matter if you’re on an SUV or truck, dogs get injured or killed when they are distracted or excited at something. Such incidence will not only endanger the dog, it will also pose a serious safety risk on you and other motorists. Seat belts, cages, and barriers are needed to prevent these things from happening.

Make sure you have pet travel bags where you can organise all the items you need to bring, talk about special luggage for your dogs! Place an ID tag on the dog collar with all the important contact information in case your pet accidentally gets lost. Don’t forget to bring dog food and medications because you may be far away from the nearest specialty pet stores that offer your pet’s favourite chow. Make sure you have booked for the nearest pet friendly hotel and other accommodations in case you and your canine friend need a place to stay for the night.

Sort out the pet travel insurance just as how you manage yours. Just to make sure, prepare all medical records just in case of serious medical emergencies. Make sure you have an open communication with your vet.

On the Road Tips

Once you loaded the last of the pet travel boxes for your road trip then you are all set to go. If you don’t have an ideal dog cage, place a barrier on the car window to prevent your dog from jumping out. Aside from that, your pet canine may get hurt from flying debris. They may get distracted from other passing vehicles so they may bark back so prevent them from becoming irritated and restless. Unlike international pet travel, you need frequent pit stops if you are on a long road trip because you need to rest your tired legs and give your pet enough time to work outside of the car.

Pet travel costs may be minimised if you bring pet food for your dog. Although you can give them what you eat, the problem is you don’t know if it’s right for them. If you grab yourself burger or pizza, don’t feed them with that but you can give them small portions if you really want them to taste what you’re eating. Since dogs need a lot of water to replenish themselves, give them plenty of water to prevent dehydration.

Don’t leave them unattended so you better take time to find pet travel services that take care of your canine partner while you are doing other things. Though your car may not be one of the best pet travel carriers, your careful planning and preparation will make sure that your pet dog won’t become a nuisance to you the next time you hit the road with your pooch.

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