The Truth About Living in High Rise Apartments

Have you ever considered living in a high-rise apartment or condominium unit? Well, if your next stop is on the glitziest flats in downtown Melbourne or on a modest high-rise residence in Sydney. The growing population of urban centres has pushed land use to its limit that finding a reasonable piece of real estate to build a home can be daunting. Due to the stigma attached to the Housing Commission towers in certain Sydney enclaves during the 70’s, high-rise living didn’t picked up right away as compared to most cities of the industrialised world. Visit a real estate search portal to check out high-rise apartments in Gold Coast to Adelaide.

Even though high rise apartments can be affordable and convenient, there are always pros and cons that you have to consider before you make your decision to move there. Make an honest assessment if living in a high rise fits your preferences and complements your way of living. Explore what to expect when living in an apartment complex and know what adjustments that you have to make. Weigh on the factors so that you will know if this lifestyle is perfect for you.

Know About High Rise Apartment Living

There are many advantages of living in high-rise apartment buildings. First of all, it gives you the opportunity to meet different people and make long-term friendships with your neighbours. However, you have to respect their lifestyles by becoming a good next-door neighbour. Living in a confined and closed environment means that there should be no crazy parties and all-night drinking session with your mates.

The good thing about high rise apartment living is that everything that you need is just a stone’s throw away. Within a kilometre radius from your flat, there is the local Maccas where you get a cup of coffee. The bus station that will take you to work is just nearby with convenience stores and the local pub along the way. Since these types of residences are in the densely populated urban sprawls, going to your favourite places in the city are within your reach.

One thing that you should know is that some apartment buildings are ideally located near beautiful, natural surroundings such as parks, gardens, and white-sand beaches. Relax and escape from the stresses and hassles of city living by going up the top floor and marvel at the cityscape with the wonderful perspective of everything around you. Perhaps you and your loved one can have a lovely dinner up there as the sun goes down.

The Dangers of Living in High Rise Apartments

Along with certain living advantages, there are also plenty of potential hazards and dangers that would make high rise condo living a nightmare. When it comes to high rises, the balcony is a possible safety hazard because of a growing number of fatalities associated with suicide and accidental falls.

High-rise fires are the worst nightmare for people living in tall apartment buildings because of the cramped conditions when doing an evacuation out of your apartment space. Burst water pipes or gas leaks can be a real problem in apartments. Another issue about high-rise apartment buildings is the fact that everything is compact and space can be an issue if you have a large family and pets to boot. Claustrophobia can be your worst nightmare. Finally, you don’t have a lawn and a spacious yard where you can play with your kids.

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