Enjoying Your Hotel Stay During the Oktoberfest Celebrations in Australia

Oktoberfest is here in Australia and not the Alpine country of Austria. You don’t need to travel to Germany’s beer heartland of Bavaria to enjoy beer from an old school Munich beer hall. In fact, you can enjoy a cold mug of German beer and a sumptuous bratwurst on the side at a local pub or hotel function. Most parts of the country celebrate this world-famous beer festival every October. It doesn’t matter if your prefer a Pilsener, a Berliner Wiesse, or Doppelbock as long as you have a good time and enjoy the Oktoberfest celebration with your mates. Before anything else, find the best hotel stay at a hotel search site before you go on to your beer drinking adventure.

Apart from the typical Bavarian theme, the event allows you to enjoy a wholesome conversation with your friends and the beautiful, blonde waitresses with their traditional German costumes. There is no shortage of beer so you don’t need an experienced beer sommelier in order to celebrate this festival even at a long stay hotel in downtown Sydney. The closest thing that you can celebrate all things German is by visiting their traditional enclave in the Adelaide Hills region in South Australia. This is where the first immigrants settled and getting there is just like being in the fatherland itself.

Visit Hahndorf

Hahndorf may be a sleepy town near Adelaide but it is the cultural epicentre of German culture in Australia. You don’t have to travel far because everything is in the Hahndorf Inn from a wide variety of beers to a huge selection of delicatessen food. Just a short walk from the inn is the famous German Arms Hotel where you can have a quiet time and enjoy drinking authentic German ale. Opened in 1839, this is one amazing place to stay during the Oktoberfest as compared to cheap hotel stays in the city.

Staying in Sydney and Melbourne

During your hotel stays in the big cities, you may want to visit several beer halls for a true Oktoberfest experience. Check out the Lowenbrau Keller café or the Belgian Bier Café in Sydney’s The Rock district. You can enjoy the favourite Schnitzels and Oompha bands in Melbourne’s European Bier Cafe.

Beer in Brisbane

Enjoy traditional German folk music and dances as you gulp for beer in Brisbane’s Oktoberfest celebrations. Whether you’re on a long term hotel stay or not, you can still catch up with all the fun and activities at the RNA Showgrounds in the first few weeks of October. Enjoy the usual German delights as well as the unique events made colourful by the cow bell ringers and costumed dancers.

Oktoberfest in Remote Areas

Die Deutsches Spiele! The German beer celebration is also present in other areas in the country. Who says that there is no such Oktoberfest in Perth? There are plenty of lagers, sausages, and entertainment to keep everyone happy if you go for a night out in the city’s downtown area. Once you booked for discount hotel stays with your mates, you can go out and have a fine evening with a trip at the Duckstein Brewery or at the Hofbrau. If you’re looking for extended stay hotels in Darwin, you might as well check out a place where you can enjoy a loaded beer keg and jump into the fun at the Skycity Casino.

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