Protect Your Home from Burglary

Home burglary is an increasing problem facing families living in single-family home residences in Australia. Criminals usually capitalise on any possible lapses in home security and relative lack of police presence in a particular neighbourhood. In fact, statistics have shown that one home is getting burglarised every 15 seconds and a typical homeowner would suffer a loss of $2,000 in stolen goods or property damage. Professional burglars can gain entry to any home without anyone noticing them but most got lucky especially when the homeowner have left an open window or an unlocked door. Always look for a safe and secure home when you check out the search listings in a property search site.

Though there is no perfect strategy to keep a burglar out, every little bit of deterrence helps and make them think twice of stealing the valuables inside your home. Even if we can’t afford a sophisticated remote home monitoring system, there are ways that we can protect our home from criminals. Even the simple preparation can definitely lessen the odds of a break-in thereby giving you a peace of mind. Know the facts of home burglaries first so that you will know what to prepare.

      -          Most burglars take less than five minutes to get inside the house.
     -          They usually go for the rear or side door as their point of entry while they take the garage door as an alternative route.
      -          Burglaries usually occur during daytime when the homeowners are out of the house.

In order to outwit the burglars, you need to think like one. Here are effective home protection tips that you need to follow:

Cut the Foliage

Burglars can always hide behind shrubs, trees, and bushes so make sure to clear areas where they can camouflage signs of a possible break-in. Regularly cut any overgrown vegetation so that the windows, doors, or porch area are visible to your neighbours and passersby.

Curtains and Blinds

Do you want someone seeing what’s inside your home? When it comes to home protection, be proactive. Don’t give burglars the chance to see what you’re doing inside and all the things that can steal from you. Use window blinds and heavy curtains to prevent them from getting a glimpse on the valuable items inside your home. Remember, burglar is a crime of opportunity and “window-shopping” is one way criminals choose potential targets.

Never Flaunt Valuable Items

When you just bought an HDTV to go along with your home entertainment system, you are inviting unwanted attention from burglars looking for the hottest electronics in your home. Never discard empty boxes at the driveway especially during holiday shopping sprees.

Use Motion Sensors

Burglars don’t go lighted areas because they don’t want to get seen. With that in many, you may want to invest in a home protection system by installing motion sensors in entry and exit points where would possibly pass through.

Protect Entry Points

Not everyone knows that most burglaries take place at ground floor doors and windows. Make sure to follow your home protection plan by reinforcing your doorknobs and investing in a reliable locking mechanism to prevent burglars from picking the locks. Entry doors should be made of sturdy, solid wood so that even battering rams won’t be able to open it. Install a protective barrier over any existing glass so that a burglar can’t break the window and open the lock from the inside.

Organise a Neighbourhood Watch

If you don’t have the latest home protection equipment, you can always rely upon human intelligence when it comes to deterring crime. Organise a neighbourhood watch patrol with your neighbours so that you can watch each other’s homes.

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