Seven Days in Sydney: Cheap Travel Adventures in Australia

Did you know that you could travel around the best sights and attractions in Sydney for just seven days? When we talk about Sydney, the opera house and the harbour bridge always get in to our discussions about the tourist destinations that we really want to visit. The truth of the matter is that there more to these places than meets your eye when you visit the metropolis for the first time. Book your cheap airfare tickets at a flights search site for your trip to New South Wales’ premiere destination. Get your maps, travel guides, and find out the cheap travel adventures that awaits you.

Aside from the kangaroos and the Outback, there are many surprises in store when you go around the city and find the adventure that you’re looking for. Take time to check out the Aboriginal crafts and indulge in tasty street foods. You can watch their favourite sporting pastime – a game of footy at the park with newfound friends. Hit the beach and learn how to surf as pros do. Don’t stay in your hotel room, go out and start your outdoor travel adventures in Sydney now!

Catch Kangaroos in Action

Kangaroo is the first thing people would want to see when visiting the country for the first time. If you fail to catch your eyes on the first roo in the wild in some outlying suburbs of the city then you might as well head to Taronga Zoo. This is where you can see red and grey coloured marsupials with joeys in their front pocket. At the same time, you can marvel at the cute koalas and amazing wombats.

Bondi Beach Surf Up

Without a doubt, Bondi Beach is synonymous to the surfing culture and the national pastime. If you want to know how to surf then this is the perfect place to learn something new. There are surf classes for beginners and veteran surfers alike! Other extreme travel adventures on the sea would be yachting, paragliding, and diving.

Bat Up Like Bradman

No one bats like the late Sir Donald Bradman when it comes to Australia’s favourite sport – cricket. When you visit the famous Sydney Cricket Ground, you will see his life-size statue. Go ahead and get your pictures taken on a test match between Australia and India.

Enjoy the Opera

The sail-like opera house hosts a number of musical performances and concertos that satisfies your family travel adventures. Marvel at the architectural design that took so long to complete. Finish your day with a lovely musical treat from the symphony orchestra and wonderful stroll around this iconic Sydney landmark.

Travel Adventures for Singles

Single men and women can enjoy the colourful Sydney nightlife with a trip to the bars, restaurants, and other popular hangouts. Meet new friends and enjoy shopping at its famous Pitt Street Mall and Castlereagh Street boutiques and shops. Enjoy a beer or their Hunter Valley wines, Sydneysiders have an interesting beer-drinking culture if you know what everybody means.

Didgeridoo Delight

When you go to the South Circular Quay, chances are you’ll stumble upon an Aboriginal performer with his didgeridoo. You can’t miss the distinctive sound of this wind instrument. Complete your best travel adventures with a visit to what is left of the city’s Aboriginal heritage.

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