The Top Australian Film Locations That You Need to Visit

We all love to watch movies especially if it has amazing locations and breathtaking scenes. Known for its picturesque landscapes, amazing beaches, rich flora and fauna, and rich blue sea, Australia has a unique charm that makes it an ideal film location for the biggest movies you see on cinemas. Some Hollywood movies have set up film locations in the country’s diverse landscape. In fact, blockbuster films like The Matrix, Superman Returns, Ghost Rider, and the Baz Luhrmann hit Australia were filmed in the country. If you plan to visit where your favourite movie scenes were filmed then check out an attractions search portal to find out if there are guided tours that will help you visit these film locations.

Film producers, directors, and location scouts look for places that are quite unique and different from the typical U.S. cities. Perhaps, they want something that film viewers may find unrecognisable but would still encompass things appropriate for the film genre and locale. If they want something futuristic then they may go for Sydney but if they go for something classic then Melbourne would fit in as a perfect turn of the century analogue of New York City. Here are the top Australian film locations that you need to visit:

Sydney, NSW

Sydney is perhaps one of the best film friendly locations in the country. You may not notice it but when you go around the city, you will realise that there are places lifted from scenes in the blockbuster hit The Matrix. So that they won’t provide the visual cues that the film was shot in the heart of Sydney, the cinematographer would blur out the harbour. Critical scenes like the helicopter crash were shot at the BT Tower on Market Street. The scene where Neo and Agent Smith met were filmed at the top of the AON Tower on Kent Street. Finally, the scene, where a woman in red dress distracted Neo, was shot at the fountain outside Martin Place.

Superman Returns, which starred Brandon Routh and Kate Bosworth, has scenes at Elizabeth Street, Martin Place, Narrabean Beach, and The Australian Museum in order to recreate what Metropolis would have look like.

Brisbane and Gold Coast, QLD

The romantic comedy flick Fool’s Gold, starring Matthew McConnaughey and Kate Hudson, was filmed primarily in the Brisbane and Gold Coast area. If you want to find film locations, where you can enjoy the outdoors, then visiting this area is the place to be. The cast and crew showed what Australia has to offer with scenes taken from the Southbank in Brisbane to the “island shots” in Hamilton and Fraser islands. The Queensland University of Technology also made its appearance because of its majestic public buildings.

Melbourne, VIC

In the dramatic motorcycle stunt scene in another superhero film Ghost Rider, the producers have used the Telstra Dome, now known as the Etihad Stadium, as its primary film locale where Nicholas Cage made his dramatic ride. The Melbourne General Cemetery serves as the locale for the haunting scene that made Cage as the flaming cycle motorcycle-riding vigilante that every criminals are afraid of. Take a stroll on the Southbank Footbridge where you can pretend that you’re Cage running in the middle of the country. Have you ever wonder which dramatic scenes were made at the Newport Railway Workshops?

Bowen, QLD

Who has heard Bowen as a prominent film location? Well, if you have watched epic film Australia then you will fail to realise that it was filmed in that small, laid-back Queensland town and not Darwin, where it was supposed to happen. Bowen may not be one of the most famous film locations in the world, it served as a “city double” for the actual location. The Kimberly Ranges, Kununarra, and various parts of New South Wales also provide a good backdrop of the film.

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