Best Northern Territory Outdoor Attractions

For most people, the Northern Territory seems to be an empty, lifeless landscape that is as exotic as it is unknown to many outsiders. In fact, this part of Australia has many outdoor attractions that you can count. From Darwin to Alice Springs, many places and activities captivate your imagination. From the rich Aboriginal culture to the amazing natural beauty, the place will never cease to capture the interest of Aussies and foreigners as well.

Here are the top ten attractions where you can enjoy outdoor family activities such as a cool campfire storytelling activity to a sumptuous picnic:

1. Uluru Ayers Rock

2. The Olgas

3. Watarrka National Park

4. Kakadu National Park

5. Territory Wildlife Park

Who says there is no good attraction in the Northern Territory? Want to know more about these tourist spots, check out the full review at Fly to Australia.

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