Everyday Nurse Life, Keep Your Mind Straight

At any given day, nurses can expect an accident victim go pass the intensive care unit from severe leg trauma, doctors and nurses scurrying for control as a patient gasping for air, or neurosurgeons performing a delicate brain surgery. Patients’ lives are saved everyday but some are also lost.

Sometimes, these situations can put a lot of stress and anxieties to nurses no matter how experienced or talented they may be. After all, nurses also develop relationship with their patients and seeing them suffer and eventually die may eventually take its toll on a nurse’s sanity. It is safe to say that nurses, especially the new ones, need some support in handling these types of circumstances.

Foreign nurses who are reeling from homesickness and loneliness may suffer worse. Many of them have gone nursing abroad to seek high-paying overseas jobs so that they can take care of their families back home. Heavy workload may cause burnout and work fatigue that nurses may find it hard to manage.

Find someone to talk to. Your best friend, your girlfriend, or your head nurse will do. Talk about your problems and frustrations and find ways to resolve such issues. Keep your sanity by clearing up your mind with all these worries. Just bear in mind that there are many people who are in far worst situation than us so think about everything and learn to appreciate that you are far better than most other people.

Life management is also about giving reward to yourself by spending quality time alone or with your loved one. Enjoy watching your favorite movie, play sports, and indulge in a hobby.

It is a good gesture to give a helping hand at work but you have to understand that you are no “superman.” Don’t be a hero by learning to say no from time to time. Otherwise, we will be burdened with so many work and so many people expecting from us to deliver. Learn to ask help from other people especially when you have difficulties in doing things right. People sometimes forget how busy you are so make it a point to tell them in a gentle manner that you are still preoccupied with something at the moment. You can always offer your help when work is light.

Always organize your week so that you will know what to do. Make a list of your daily tasks so that you can keep up with the progress and make sure you haven’t left anything undone. At the end of the day, you will be amazed how much progress you made and not worrying about what you forgot to do.

Exercise and keep your body strong. Life management is not about keeping your sanity straight, it is also about taking care of your physical well-being. Take needed rest to recover yourself from all the physical exertions you made.

No matter how difficult your work is, there are many people who are willing to help you in any way you least expect. Be grateful to them always. Finally, don’t take your life too seriously. You wouldn’t want to grow old like a grumpy elderly person, right?

Just remember, tomorrow is always a new day to keep your sanity straight.

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