Finding Non-Clinical Jobs for Nurses

At some part of their career, some registered nurses would seek non-clinical jobs that do not involve direct patient care. There may be a variety of reasons why they make such a career choice but it could be caused by mental stress and work burnout. Aside from that, the physical stress that they endure for a long time may take its toll on their health and physical well-being.

Many nurses may feel their physical limitations one way or the other. These physical limitations may include the inability to stand for long periods of time due to illnesses, injuries, and age. Some nurses may want to pursue other interests especially when they are drawn to other hobbies and pastimes such teaching new nurses, managing their own nursing home, or working healthcare IT. Here are some of the non-clinical jobs for registered nurses:

Nursing Recruiter
A nurse can be a good recruiter because he/she knows the ins and outs of the healthcare sector. Aside from that, working as a nursing recruiter can be rewarding because you can meet a lot of people and help them find their dream job too. It is a big advantage for nurses who want to try non-clinical jobs like a nursing recruiter because they know what nurses need and want.

Nursing Teacher
Once your career in the hospital is over then you might as well try your luck teaching in nursing school. Your knowledge and experience may help you excel in this academic endeavor.

Medical Writer
Being familiar with the nursing profession on a personal level will always help nurses excel as medical writers. There is a growing demand for medical writers in the medical publishing sector nowadays and nurses are always welcome.

Patient Advocate
Nurses are perfect candidates in becoming patient advocates because of their extensive clinical knowledge and experience as to how the healthcare system works.

Healthcare Executive
Once can perform the role of Chief Nursing Officer effectively because of years of working in the nursing unit and hospital environment.

Medical Consultant
Nurses may consult with medical practices, insurance firms, pharmaceutical companies, or hospitals on a variety of areas of expertise within the medical and nursing fields. When working with lawyers and law firms, nurses can provide clinical expertise and analysis on medical liability cases, or criminal cases needing medical forensic analysis or medical expert testimony.

Business Owner
Nurses can own businesses like nursing homes, aged-care, and assisted-living facilities.

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