Fun Activities for Nurses and Elderly Patients

Who says senior citizens do not know how to have fun with younger nurses that take care of them? Though most elderly patients are confined to an aged-care facility or nursing home, they have the right to have their own recreation.

Nurses who want to organize lighthearted activities to make them entertained is a challenge since some of them may have serious health issues while have advanced stages of dementia. Some senior citizens are irritable because many of them can only relate among their peers while some can be harder to deal with because of their mental state. Older patients can be loners to and socializing them can take a lot of guts and patience on the part of the nurses and caregivers.

This is one good activity where the patients can stay on their seats and just wait for the nurses to announce the numbers. Caregivers can assist some patients who have all sorts of sensory difficulties from listening to the numbers being announced to seeing the bingo cards they are filling up. Nurses can also rest from all the activities of taking care of the patients.

Though considered as favorite activites for craft-loving housewives, scrapbooking can unleash the creative talents of the elderly patients. This is one good way of providing senior citizens a creative outlet. Since some of the patients may have keepsakes and mementos that they save, scrapbooking is one good way of preserving their old photographs and letters into a creative project.

Talent Contest
When you are in an aged-care facility, some nurses may forget that the elderly patients may still have their talents that they used to have when they were young. You may have shows patterned after American Idol where senior citizens can strut their wares in acting, singing, and dancing. Allowing the patients to show their talents can be a perfect outlet for their natural skills and creativity. A talent contest is one way to improve relationship between the nurses and their patients.

Prom Night
Nurses and caregivers can host a prom night in the nursing home so that the elderly patients can have an evening where they can enjoy dancing and socialize with each other without usual atmosphere on being in a long-term care facility. Adding a level of fun can help patients, nurses, and administrators get along with each other.

Elderly patients can have their formal wear for the night and not their usual everyday clothes. Nurses can assist the patient by becoming their partner. Even those in their wheelchair can still enjoy a good dancing as long the nurse can spin them right. Choose their favorite songs of their younger years as they reminisce the good old days.

Nurses should keep in mind that giving their elderly patients a time to enjoy is one way breaking the daily monotony. Make these activities as their day so that they relax, unwind, and have fun.

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