Extreme Makeover: Best Tips in Maximising Home Space

You don’t need the expertise of top interior decorators and favourite “The Block” hosts Scott Cam and Jamie Durie as to how you can maximise space in your closed and claustrophobic home. There is no need to undergo a major home space renovation if you just know how you transform all the clutter into an organised home setup. Maximising home space is all about knowing what items that need to go and prioritising the areas that need reinvention. After all, you can still have a minimalist home interior with all the stuff that you want. Finding a spacious home in urban centres and suburban residential areas can be difficult and won’t come any cheaper than what you hope for. Take time to explore a real estate search portal to find the perfect home space that fits your needs and preferences.

The real measuring yardstick when it comes to interior design and modern architecture is the delicate balance of achieving spatial harmony, it means that the homeowner must use all the existing space to the hilt. It also means that creative ideas and innovative techniques are necessary when decorating a small home space. Home space planning is all about making smart decisions and finding effective solutions in saving space without putting all your household stuff away. Perhaps you can clean your foyer so that you can make room for a new game area. Here are space-saving tips and practical ideas that will help you in your home makeover:

Clean the Clutter
If you have been watching episodes of “Oprah” then you will be surprised that there are people living their lives in utter mess. Clutter upon clutter of unused items and despicable litters typify the homes of people who can’t manage their space well. If you have a very limited space, make sure to keep things that you really want and find modular home furnishings that can help you save space. Once you have thrown away what you don’t need then you can have the decongested space that you always want.

Concentrate on a Particular Area
Depending upon the interior home layout, find an area that is the central focus of much of the activity inside a small space home. Whether if it’s your kitchen or living room, it’s imperative that you build your renovation plan around it. Once you figure out what to do then you can expand outward and eventually transform your place into a larger and spacious version of what you had before.

Dispose Unused Stuff
If you want to clear space in your home then hosting a garage sale is the best thing to get rid of unused and space-hungry items, appliances, and furnishings. You can’t keep all these things because your home will become a messy rubbish repository. Besides, the money you earn on the garage sale can be used to finance your home renovation or buy new space-saving furnishings.

Try Modern Furniture
IKEA provides home space saving ideas with their modern, modular furniture that features storage compartments to fill in your personal items. The extra space allows you to set up a new piece of furniture or electronics. Not only that these furniture pieces are attractive and stylish, all the items you stored can be hidden in plain sight. Multifunctional furniture design is the latest trend in interior furnishings wherein a coffee table can serve as a storage space or a couch that doubles as a bed.

Be a Minimalist
On the flipside, you can maximise space in the home without having furniture at all. It is a very challenging proposition because when you are living minimally, your material needs have to be compartmentalised so that it will serve its purpose in making life simple and less complicated.

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