The Ten Most Accident Prone Countries in the World

Ever since automobiles were invented to replace horse-drawn carriages as the primary means of land transportation, more people have died on the road than in the previous century. In fact, accidents have gone up since car manufacturers revolutionised the way we travel around the country. Whether we have the racing smarts of Peter Brock and Jack Brabham or the risk-taking instincts of revheads, accidents are waiting to happen wherever we go around the world. It is not just about being on the world’s most dangerous road or in a high-speed race because wherever you drive, there are accident prone places that you can’t avoid. If you want to be safe on the road, find the best cars that meet safety requirements thru an automobile search site.

As they say, accidents do happen. Many countries take a record on the car accident statistics every year in order to determine its trends and occurrences. Despite effort to curb fatal deaths and dangerous driving on the road, many countries record substantial increase in road-related deaths and accidents in recent years. Don’t be the next car accident victim and avoid the most accident prone countries in the world as found on this list:

10. Germany
Though Deutschland is famous for their impressive autobahns, accidents are not far away from the picture. As an average, 65 people are killed out every million motorists. Commuting in the big cities of Berlin, Hamburg, Leipzig, and Munich can be dangerous at times. The German Federal Highway Research Institute reported 5,360 annual fatalities annually. Consider taking safety precautions when you’re on the open road. Focus on your driving and don’t get distracted from the wonderful sceneries of the rolling Bavarian plains and the long road to Nuremberg.

9. France
France is not the place for laid-back drivers because the country records an average of 88 fatalities for every million motorists on the road. From Paris down to the Riviera, the region famous for its culture and romance is also the home of the most temperamental drivers on the road.

8. New Zealand
Many people agree that New Zealand is one of the most peaceful places in the world but none would agree that it is the most dangerous places for drivers. In a country where sheep outnumber humans, it is quite surprising that there are a record number of deaths on the road. Unlike in a typical car accident Melbourne scenario, the wide-open country roads encourage some drivers to go beyond the speed limits.

7. Austria
This mountainous Alpine country is notoriously famous for its slippery and steep roads that connect the cities of Vienna, Salzburg, and Innsbruck. Every year, 94 people per million motorists are killed because of dangerous road conditions.

6. Ireland
Busy urban centre gridlocks and rush hour traffics characterise car accident Canberra scenarios but the circumstances are quite different in Ireland. Although there is a belief that Irish drivers are more safety conscious than their foreign counterparts are, an average of 96 people per million motorists are killed every year.

5. Canada
Though Canada is sparsely populated in the countryside, road conditions vary from the icy and slippery highways of Northern Territory to the highly congested road of metropolitan centres of Toronto, Vancouver, and Quebec.

4. Italy
In the land of gourmet food and fashion, Italy is also home of the high-speed supercars like the Ferrari, Maserati, and Lamborghini. If you’re a speed-freak then you wouldn’t be surprise to get a car accident injury on the Roman road or on a Tuscan freeway.

3. Australia
From a car accident in Brisbane to a head-on collision in a busy Adelaide road, ten out of 100,000 people lost their lives while driving their cars in Australia. The Australian Road and Traffic Authority (RTA) indicated that about 40% of road deaths owing to car accidents are because of speeding drivers.

2. Belgium
It may be a small country but Belgium has densely packed roads that connect France, Holland, and Germany. Known for its aggressive drivers, the country reports an average of 105 fatalities per million drivers. These dubious record may not make Jean-Claude Van Damme proud.

1. United States
Without a doubt, the United States is still the most accident-prone country in the world with close to 5.25 million car accidents with 50,000 deaths happening every year. There is no question about it that these preventable accidents remain one of the leading causes of death in the country.

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