Latest Stationery Trends in the Australian Office Supplies Market

The stationery industry is a lucrative business in the Australian office supplies market since paper and paper products are in great demand in the office and school market segment. The industry is so broad that it has equally big industry segments such as the paper products, greeting card and office stationery sector. Aside from that, big international players like Hallmark and American Greetings and small local players like Cristina Re and Papier D’Armour play a big part in the industry’s growth.

However, the struggling economy has dictated the way consumers spend, retailers buy and manufacturers develop products. The general factor that is taken into consideration is price and value. There are new and developing stationery trends in the Australian office supplies market, such as:

Eco-Friendly Designs
Going “green” has become a new trend in the industry wherein eco-friendly materials and processes are used to make stationery products. Many specialty stationeries now sport the recycle logo as part of their commitment to recycle and reduce waste. It is not enough to be “green” because more consumers want stationery products that are environmentally friendly and fashionably stylish at the same time.

Funny Lines and Words of Wisdom
Making your customer smile through humorous greeting cards and other stationery items is what makes the stationery business so successful. Most people turn to light-hearted humour and inspirational wisdom to put their lives in perspective. Being the best-selling stationery product, a greeting card elicits a wide range of emotions, such as laughter, nostalgia, friendship, love and hope.

Celebrity Collaborations
Just like any other products, celebrities play a very important role in promoting stationery products. Prominent celebrities like actresses Naomi Watts and Nicole Kidman, Australian Idol Ricki Lee and the cast mates of the hit TV show Tripping Over Rebecca Gibney, Daniel McPerson and Kathryn Drysdale have all indulged in stationery gifts. Even popular multi-awarded recording star Taylor Swift has her own line of stationeries. These personalities have transformed the stationery business into a sophisticated and upscale market.

Sensory Appeal
Stationery trends are now gearing towards capturing the customers’ attention through sensory appeal. Incorporated in ordinary greeting cards are LED lights, MIDI players, and signature scents, thereby transforming these cards into stylish stationery.

Designs Reinvented
Current design trends include retro themed stationery products to personalised monogram cards. Many customers are still interested in having monogram cards as a way of emphasising your personality in any written communication. There has been a renewed popularity in 70’s-themed stationery themes from psychedelic fonts to flamboyant colours. Intricate designs that include folded fabrics and origami-like designs in invitations and crafted cards have become popular as it attracts more customers. Fashionable wraps have become a recent favourite as it provides a new design element to the envelope and card.

Social Networking
The growing popularity of social networking has enabled companies to connect with customers because getting people to become your friend in Facebook or Twitter is a good way to promote your business and let them know of your upcoming events and new product launches.

New stationery trends have emerged due to the ever-changing demands of customers and manufacturers in the Australian office supplies market.

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