Freelance Survival on Tough Times

Today’s current economic uncertainties, brought about by the recession and decline in economic productivity in the industrialised and developed countries in the world, have a profound effect on the labour market. Unemployment has increased significantly with many companies and organisations laying off and retrenching employees. Small businesses and multinational corporations alike also bleed money from business losses, declining profits, and losing clients and customers. In response to these unfavourable circumstances, many businesses have decided to operate on a shoestring budget and outsource their operations to independent contractors and freelance work specialists in order to minimise the cost of production.

Here are important freelance tips and advices that freelancers in Australia should do in order to remain competitive:

1. Don’t Press the Panic Button

2. Tighten Your Budget

3. Don’t Give Up

4. Consider the Idea of Contracting

5. Continuing Education

6. Update Your Personal Work Portfolio

7. Get Tough

8. Australia is Different

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