Fact or Fiction? The Common Hostel Misconceptions You Should Know

Hostels have always been the staple locale for psycho and thriller films in the Hitchcock tradition because of its portrayal as a dark, dingy and unsafe places frequented by undesirable characters from drug addicts to prostitutes. Though not all places are safe, hostels are the favourite place to crash for budget-conscious travelers, tourists, and backpackers looking to stretch their dollars. Unlike hotels and motels, young people love the communal atmosphere of the guest hostel because it is the best way to meet new friends and forge new relationships. If you want to debunk the urban legend and myth behind hostels in general then you can look for one in a hostel search provider.

Hostels have changed in response to the changing trends so it is no longer catered to the brash young teenagers. Many hostels have started to provide private rooms, dormitory beds, and all the basic amenities for someone who wants to have a personal private space. It has opened itself to shifting demographics that includes families with children, couples, and even retirees. Even the best hostels offer near hotel quality amenities and services due to the growth of budget travel. However, there are misconceptions that bring a hostel broker a bad name.

Hostels are Unsafe

Because of the communal nature of hostels, it is always a convenient excuse to condemn hostels as unsafe. Though different people and personalities are the usual fixtures in a hostel’s international environment, it is up to the person to find the best hostel in the area. The fact is that getting robbed or losing one’s personal item can happened to anyone anytime, anywhere. Try booking hostels that are equipped with luggage storage rooms and personal lockers. Consider hostels with 24-hour reception service with security guards.

Hostels have Sub-Standard Amenities

The usual concept of hostel as a small prison-like accommodation with a dirty communal shower is a thing of the past. Use hostel finder websites to compare the amenities and services, you will realise that some hostels offer outstanding rooms and facilities that even rivals motels and budget hotels.

Sex and Drugs are Daily Hostel Fixtures

Well it is said that the hostels are ultimate proving ground for teenagers and young adults because of all night parties, wild sex, non-stop drinking binges, and pot sessions. It is not usually the case because hostels have strict no drugs policy and discourage drunken and disorderly behaviour. Hostels booking may take a hit when a place is notorious for such activities.

Hostels Don’t Accept Locals

It is a misconception that local hostels don’t accept Aussie backpackers and travellers. Most hostels don’t operate on a “no locals” policy. In fact, hostel brokers are encouraging local and foreign tourists and travellers to stay in hostels anywhere in Australia.

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