Task Management Tips to Increase Your Productivity

Productivity matters a lot whether you’re a business owner hoping to generate bigger profits or an employee hoping to land that big promotion. Every day, we have tasks lined up that we need to achieve and accomplish before the deadline elapses. Whenever we can’t cope up with the constant inundation of tasks or fail to keep up with the project timetable, stress builds up and when that happens, our productivity takes a big hit. This is a constant battle that every one of us wants to win!

Clean Up Your Daily Tasks

Whether if you’re using a task management system or not, it is important to clean up your daily tasks. Bear in mind that the system is not a dumping ground for your thoughts. It is a platform where you keep track of what you intend to accomplish in your daily tasks. Complete the things you want to do. Nothing more, nothing less.

Focus on the Priorities First

It’s elementary, priority tasks need immediate action. Although completing small and low-value tasks can be done easily but it won’t necessarily bring you quickly towards your objectives. Besides, putting too many small tasks in your workload will only overwhelm you and even, slow you down.

No Cherry Picking

When you are doing your project planning, make sure you don’t choose the tasks that you prefer to do. Choose the types of tasks that you ought to be doing in the first place so that you can focus on the easier tasks ahead.

Break Down Projects into Smaller Tasks

If you are working on a big project, it would be easier to manage by breaking the project into its smaller component tasks. Once you organized all the smaller tasks, you can prioritize the important tasks and accomplish them one at a time until the project is completed.

Set a Time to Beat

Have the mentality of an athlete who wants to break the world record. It means that if you have a task that needs to be done in 5 days, why not do it within 4 days. We all know that we have our own natural rhythm and tempo but we can try and get more things done by increasing our tempo and go against the clock for short periods.

PMS is Better!

Project management systems have improved by leaps and bounds through the years so that creating tasks, keeping track of the schedule, evaluating progress, and providing feedback can be done easily. There is no need to go back to the archaic and ineffective way of writing down all of your tasks on a piece of paper and ending up forgetting what needs to be done.

Reward Yourself

Whenever you accomplish a very difficult and challenging task, reward yourself with certain incentives that could boost your confidence, motivation, and performance. Perhaps, you may want to reward yourself with a cup of coffee or a good massage for a job well done.

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