Five Common Christmas Hazards in your Home

Christmas is the time of the year where we decorate our home with coloured lights, wreaths, Christmas trees, and garlands but one thing we fail to realise time and time again – all these items are fire and safety hazards. In fact, costly and deadly fires are recorded in the country every year because of it. Whether we like it or not, a home Christmas decoration is a safety hazard that we need to keep in mind. Plugging in too many Christmas lights may put the electrical outlet beyond its capacity and short-circuits may happen. Once that happens, any flammable material within the area may burst into flame while you and your family are asleep. Prevent that from happening and consider the idea of checking your home if it meets the required safety standards. If you are looking for apartments in Sydney for rent, remove any fire hazards that you can find.

Believe it or not, the things we normally think of as harmless and lovely are the real Christmas hazards in our home. We take this for granted because we are preoccupied with preparations for our party and holiday get-together with family and friends. We waste no time decorating our homes to the point of creating potential hazards that would put us in harm’s way. Here are the common Christmas hazards to watch out for:

Faulty Electrical Sockets

It is nice to see blinking lights on the Christmas tree but putting too many lights in your home may put the power socket beyond its capacity. As we tend to overuse electricity during the holidays, the chances of experiencing electrical fires are great. Overheated sockets will cause some electrical appliances to short circuit, especially the substandard lights that we buy cheap.

Christmas Decorations

Christmas trees, wreaths, and garlands are flammable. Putting decorations outside of your home, especially on the roof, can be dangerous because you might lose your balance and fall.

Christmas Tree

From plastic to real pinewood, Christmas trees are the symbolic feature of the holidays. Despite their enduring popularity, Christmas trees remain the epicentre of most house fires. It doesn’t matter if you are living in one of the many luxuriously furnished apartments in Melbourne or not.

Fire Risk Intensified

When you have so many flammable objects from wrapping paper to opened boxes, the fire risk is raised. We need to clean up the mess so that we can all but relax on Boxing Day and watch the cricket test match on the telly.

Over Excitement

When we are overexcited, we tend to do things beyond our sensible judgment especially when we get drunk or weary from all the partying and drinking. Even if we are in our Sydney holiday apartments, we should keep in mind our own personal safety. We need to check out any potential hazards that will pose a serious safety risk to us.

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