Elements of a Successful E-Commerce Web Design

The Internet has revolutionised how consumers go through the process of purchasing. No longer do we need to go through the hassle of traveling to the shops, fighting for a park, and queuing to pay, in order to buy what we want. The explosion of e-commerce in the past five years allows us to purchase almost every conceivable commodity from the comfort of home or work.

Developments in e-commerce web design have transformed online retailing into a lucrative multibillion-dollar industry. Market growth has allowed Australian companies to venture into E-commerce web development as a serious alternative to bricks and mortar retailing. This article covers in very broad terms what criteria a successful E-commerce web design should meet:

Simple Web Design

Potential customers don’t want to waste their time searching for what they need if they can’t find the products easily. A good E-commerce web design should have well-defined categories, intuitive filtering options, and a user-friendly interface. People hate websites cluttered with useless widgets, small fonts, bad colours, slow loading times, confusing navigation, and dead links. A good web design company will consider these issues when designing your e-commerce web design.

Clear Product Information

Your product line, being your website’s centrepiece, should be presented in such a way that users can figure out what they are going to buy. Information about each product should include the price, name, image, description, and key features. Online store retailers should consider offering some kind of promotional discount option to tempt users to buy online.

Secure E-Commerce Web Development

Most online stores allow people to purchase products online at their own convenience. Ordering experience should be easy in an effort to increase sales, improve customer retention, and minimise shopping cart abandonment. More importantly, customers’ credit cards and other personal information should be secured and the customer is informed of this.

Flexible Shipping Options

An online store should provide information about how the products are shipped and when the customer will receive the item. Giving customers the option to keep track of their shipment helps build customer trust and confidence.

Good Customer Support

Customers that buy products online need instant support through live chat, toll-free phone numbers, and email support.

Search Engine Friendly

It is in your long-term interest to have your website prominently listed in top search engines like Yahoo! and Google. Having a good E-commerce web design means that it is a continual process of maintaining effective search engine optimisation strategies such as link building, social networking, and article distribution.

Choose Web Design Specialists

Most businesses start small and local and a good way to promote your online store is getting a web design company that knows the Australian market. Make sure that your e-commerce web designer has an extensive web design portfolio with specialisation in online marketing and local search strategies, Google AdWords management, and Google Maps optimisation. Web design Australia is a competitive space and there are likely manner web design companies capable of delivering on your project.

The growing popularity of online shopping and the advancement of new and innovative E-commerce solutions have spurred business competition. Though business objectives are geared towards making a profit and getting more customers, E-commerce web development should also focus on developing healthy customer relationships and helping consumers find the products they want.

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