Using Social Media in your Freelance Career

Freelance professionals are constantly in the move for any networking opportunities in an effort to obtain new customers and expand their market presence. Gone are the days of cold calls and anonymous emails when you can always gain friends and expand your network thru social networking. In fact, there is a career in social media for a freelancer who wants to specialise in online networking. At the end of the day, social networking is all about whom you know and how connected you are. If you intend to further your career, check out a freelance search portal for the latest freelance jobs.

Though it may sound so easy, social media is just like an investment in the real world because it also takes your precious time and hard work. In your freelance career, competition is fierce and cutthroat so landing gigs and projects are not always all about your talent. Sometimes, getting a freelance job is all about the people you know. If you pay a serious amount of attention to social media then you’ll definitely reap the rewards of investing time in it. Here are some of the ways where you can fully utilise the power of social media to your advantage:

Get Connected

Without a doubt, the most obvious benefit of social media to freelancers is connection building. More than just gathering followers, networking is also getting to know what people want. Once you break the barriers in social media, the chances of landing a freelance gig from a conversational level can be a lot better. Cold calling is gone, Twitter is in because a freelancer can have unprecedented access to different clients at a much closer level.

Using Social Networks as Resource

Once you know the ins and outs of social networking, you can even consider a social media career by handling online marketing campaigns of small startups and big corporations. Depending on how you are going to use it, social networks can be used to promote and share your work. On the other hand, you can use it to develop a community resource for freelancers who are looking to connect with other professionals as well.

Share What You Know

Social networking is all about sharing, it always has been! Sharing something with the rest of the community is one way of building up your reputation as an expert in a particular field. It’s difficult to build up credibility if only certain people know about you so it would be better to get in touch with different people too! By sharing valuable insights in various aspects of freelance work, you will be regarded as a specialist. If you know how to utilise social media to your advantage then you may perhaps consider a social media marketing career in the future.

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