Starting a Niche Blog for Tiny House Lovers

One of the niche blogs that I maintained is dedicated to the tiny house movement as it holds a special place in my life. I live in a tiny house environment and I am very passionate about the idea of compartmentalizing my life and fit it in a much smaller footprint for both my social life and the way I treat the environment around me. So the blog was born out of it.

Tiny House Lifestyle is a blog dedicated to the growing movement of tiny house living with informative articles on small house living and compact space tips. More people want more freedom in the way they live and so there is a growing demand for modular and compact home lifestyle.

We provided content that specifically helps people adjust to a whole new way of living life in compact spaces, on-the-go settings, and mobile environments. It is still a work in progress and more tips, guides, and informative articles are posted as we go.

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