Changing Domain, A Change of Fortune?

The year is about to end and I have decided to change address not that I'm moving out to somewhere else. My blogs are now using new domains after quite some time using the "free" hosting and sub-domains provided by search engine big brother Google. Although I don't mind going the free route as I have been doing it for most of my writing career, I do think that there is a "prestigious" appeal of having a premium domain name for your websites.

I may or may not monetize it but it's been wonderful to have a platform where I can showcase my writing skills and share my knowledge on a wide selection of topics that may interest some and provide information. With that said, I also open it to guest bloggers and contributors who may want to publish their works there.

The personal blog that I have been working on for years has been revamped and I was on the verge of getting back it's old .COM domain but I was surprised that it has become so in demand that I can no longer afford it so with a heavy heart, I opted for a .NET domain!

Another ongoing project of mine that I have been envisioning for years is the creation of a dedicated online platform for your family and genealogical history so that it can help people reconnect with family and other distant relatives. It will serve as my showpiece for my genealogy and family tree services that I will be offering soon to people looking to trace their past.

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