Utilising Google in Your Local Search Marketing Strategy

Many businesses are looking for effective strategies to let everybody in the neighbourhood know that they offer products and services consumers need. There is no need to flood the streets with promotional flyers and covering the skyline with large billboards when you can have a website. No wonder, many businesses want to have their own websites so that they’ll be able to get more customers, sell more products, and gain greater online.

In a nutshell, if your business is listed in the first page of every Google searches made then your business gains greater online presence. With that local search presence, your business will have greater market opportunities.

Recently, the growing importance of search engine optimisation and online marketing has led to the use of Google’s powerful business tools: Google Maps, Google Adwords, and Google Places.

The Power of Google

Google provides a big boost to your local search and market exposure especially if your business is listed on the first page of a local search. In fact, Hitwise Online Competitive Intelligence Service mentioned in their 2010 survey that about 297,000 (9.9%) Australians visit Google every day. It is also the most visited Australian website with 619,500 visitors (20.65%).

Local search specialists capitalise the potential of Google’s marketing tools such as Google Maps, Google Places, and Google AdWords. Implementing an online marketing campaign using Google’s online tools will give your business a significant advantage in serving your local customers over your competitors.

Google Maps Optimisation – Using Google Maps is more than just putting direction to where your business is. In local search marketing, consumers always look for products and services that are being offered near their area. The fact is that Google now determines your location and provides the local service regardless of your search query. If you want to tap into the customers who are looking for the same line of business as yours, you really have to optimise your website for local search through Google Maps and Google Places.

Google Adwords Management – Choosing the right keywords is the key to catapulting your business website to the top of Google’s paid local search list. In local search, you have to anticipate what your customers will type in the Google search bar when they are looking for the products and services that they want. It is important to understand that your geographic location should be included when choosing the keywords to target for your online marketing campaign.

Google Places – Google’s all-in-one business tool is an online local business directory, a city map, and an advertising space rolled into one. Having a verified Google Places account helps prove that the business establishment listed in Google Maps is yours. Utilising the appropriate keywords that best describes your business and the products and services it offers increases the chances that your business will appear in every Google search.

Using Google Maps, Google Adwords, and Google Places as part of your local search marketing strategy will help your business’ online marketing campaign to attract prospective customers, gain more marketing opportunities, and develop your overall local presences.

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