Pampering your Loyal Friend with Luxury Dog Beds

Just like you and me, our lovable canine friends need sufficient rest. The amount of sleep or rest your pet dog receives will affect their behaviour and temperament. Considering the fact that they sleep 14-15 hours a day on average, it is necessary to provide them a comfortable dog bed complemented by toys and pillows.

Inspired by the creative talent of resident designer Adrien Ng, Lovehound has came up with a collection of stylish luxury dog beds, comfortable cushions and pillows, dog-friendly toys and accessories in a user-friendly website. All custom dog bed designs emphasise comfort, convenience, easy-care, durability and aesthetics.

All dogs love their sleep, especially if you include their frequent little naps and occasional long snoozes. Though various breeds have different sleep requirements, there is one requirement that they all should have, a custom dog bed. Lovehound, a Sydney-based online specialty store, has an exciting line of locally manufactured luxury dog beds.

Lovehound provides custom dog beds for St. Bernards, Rottweilers, Newfoundlands and other large dog breeds that spend most of the day sleeping. They also offer soft and comfortable beds suited for the delicate bone structure and body posture of the smaller Chihuahuas, Pugs and Pomeranians.

Lovehound has easy-to-maintain dog beds that are stain and odour resistant. These beds are also stylish as they are made of high-end fabrics that compliment your home as a decorative home interior element. These beds can sustain wear and tear and are strong enough to withstand playful dog bites and scratches. Their cushions and bolsters are made of water-resistant foam perfect for outdoor use.

You may think that your dog will sleep anywhere, but the fact is that they have their own needs and preferences. Dogs instinctively look for a sheltered place in your home, that’s why you’ll sometimes find your canine in a closet or under your bed. That’s why a durable custom dog bed can be a great investment in both the health of your loyal pet as well as the cleanliness of your home. A great dog bed is especially important for those of us who prefer not to sleep next to our pet, as it will encourage your fury friend to sleep in his/her own bed while you can enjoy the comfort and space of yours. Another great benefit is the insulation provided by a quality dog bed. This will not only help your dog enjoy his bed more by keeping it warm on his body, it will also help prevent him from getting sick which is great for him and your wallet.

Play Time

After your dog has had his nap, it’s time to bring the ‘puppy’ attitude out of him. Play time is a great stress reliever for the dog as well as the owner, so doing it right is very important. Investing in quality dog toys not only ensures that your pet isn’t chewing on toxins contained in some of the cheaper toys; it also saves you money in the long run as your toys will last longer. Lovehound provides a great selection of high quality, durable, safe and healthy dog toys to help you enjoy your time with your most loyal friend.

About the Company

The Company is a Sydney-based online specialty store that specialises in luxury dog beds, cushions and bolsters. It also provides a wide array of dog collars and leashes, grooming and maintenance accessories, and interactive dog toys.

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