A Customer’s Guide in Dealing With Hotel Concierges

We all know that world-class five-star hotels offer the best of the best: luxurious spas, amazing room service, and Michelin-starred restaurants served by renowned chefs. However, they offer something that we sometimes overlook in plain sight – hotel concierges. Consider them as your best friend because you can’t do everything without their recommendations for the best romantic dinner or exciting places to visit around the city. With wealth of information in their hands, they are important personnel that you can trust when it comes to getting timely tips and suggestions to enjoy your hotel stay. Find the best hotel accommodations in Australia with the help of a specialised search portal.

Concierges do their best to provide the needed help and assistance to hotel guests. Aside from that, they also help you book plane tickets and provide baby sitter for your kids while you go out for dinner with your wife. Some people make the mistake by depending too much on a hotel guide when there are concierges who can provide needed practical information. You don’t want to waste your time and money without any help from people who knows best. Follow these important tips when dealing with concierges:

Be a Snob

Bear in mind that some concierges have personalities that mirror with the hotel so expect a classy bloke to meet you when you visit the vintage Forbes Hotel in Sydney or a sophisticated front desk personnel at the Langham Hotel in Melbourne. Remember, a concierge may be only powerful and influential as the name of the hotel. Consider the concierge’s advice when making restaurant reservations because it takes months to have a reserved seat at the crème de la crème table of the hotel let alone a last-minute seating by the window

Make a Call Ahead of Time

It doesn’t matter if you travel for business or pleasure, make sure to call the hotel concierge in advance and share your itinerary. Being someone who knows what’s happening in the local scene, a concierge can fit your activities in a way a personal assistant can’t. Concierges work better than secretaries do because they never forget to reconfirm your dining reservations. They can provide you a better situational assessment of the city than asking the people behind the reservations desk, who are busy attending the needs of other guests. You may get the best hotel rates when you have your booking early thereby saving you money.

Make a Room Reservation

Cultivate a good relationship with a concierge by making a room reservation through him. Whether you’re on a business travel hotel or not, most concierges are happy to accommodate a regular hotel guest. They will work with the reservation so that your room is secure. Aside from that, they can personally vouch for you and make sure that your special requests are met. Finally, you get extra and personalised hospitality treatment that hotel regulars get.

Giving Tips

There is nothing wrong about giving tips and other forms of gratuity to concierges. It all comes to the way you give it to people deserved to receive a reward for the exemplary service to you. In any hotel travel, the most attention-grabbing scenario is when a guest slides a handful of cash to a bellhop or hotel staff. It may be a sign of generosity or appreciation but it may sound like you are treating someone as a slave. Some concierges would rather have tips at the end of the guest’s stay while some don’t want it at all. Money is not always an issue as long as you acknowledge their service, saying “Thank you!” is enough.

Work With Your Networks

You may have not realise this but the hospitality industry has a network of concierges wherein you can seek the best hotel deals. There are organisations like the Clef D’Or or the National Concierge Association that ensure concierges are connected with every other member across different hotels and countries.

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