Enjoying Your Oktoberfest Trip to Adelaide

It is October and it is a good time to partake on an age-old German tradition that revolves around beer – Oktoberfest. Fortunately, you don’t need to book that long haul flight bound for Munich and surely, there is no need to purchase all the wooden kegs of Bavarian beer too! With a substantial population of people with German ancestry, it is not surprising that Adelaide is the perfect place to enjoy Oktoberfest and immerse oneself with their culture. Aside from the steiner-full of beer and munches of bratwurst, you can always enjoy their activities that include dances with the ladies in authentic German costume and other folk games. Visiting Adelaide will not be possible if you don’t visit a flights search site for affordable airfare.

Just like the Oktoberfest that most Australian cities celebrate, people can always stick out and join the annual Schützenfest held every January. Unlike the binge-drinking activities associated with Oktoberfest, Adelaideans enjoy German food, beverages, dances, and music. Since this festival, which means “Shooting Festival,” generally happens in the height of the Australian summer, it is important to get hydrated because of the prevalence of heatstroke caused by excessive sun exposure and alcohol consumption. If you plan to visit Adelaide then you might as well make a detailed plan for your Oktoberfest trip.

Places to Visit in Adelaide

There are many wonderful places to visit in the city especially in the traditionally German towns of Walkerville, Lobethal, and Barossa Valley. Just like a medieval fair, you can enjoy the carnival atmosphere of the various fun activities and interesting sights to see during the entire celebration of Oktoberfest. Lovely and beautiful women with their Dirndl entertain you with all the free flowing beer that you can get. Inside the beer tent, you will be served with traditional treats with beer side dishes to pretzels. If you get bored, you can always go to the amusement park to try one of their rides.

Choosing Adelaide Tours

Before you book for flight, make sure you choose a tour package that allows you to visit Adelaide tourist attractions without the extra cost. A packaged deal is one way to save money especially if your hotel accommodation is already included in it. If you intend to travel cheap then you can always go for economy air travel and book for a cheap hostel accommodation since you will be travelling around the city most of the time. Since you will be usually drunk during the rest of your Oktoberfest vacation then you might as well choose an accommodation that is quite accessible and relatively safe.

Things to Do in Adelaide

Not only it has all the trappings of a traditionally German town, Adelaide is a special place to start your Oktoberfest vacation. Adelaide attractions are the perfect place to start your beer journey. Hit the bars and pubs with all revelry and fanfare around you.

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