Christmas Decoration Ideas for Small Spaces

Let’s face it, homeowners love to see all the colourful decorations and the lovely Christmas tree as you countdown to the most anticipated festivity of the year. When you see the bright lights, sparkling decors, and lovely Santa Claus figurines, you will definitely get into your holiday spirit. Depending upon your space, budget constraints, and personal preferences, your Christmas decoration may vary. If you have a small room, putting a large Christmas tree is out of the question because you need to maximise your space and take advantage of every room feature. If you happen to visit a property search portal, take note of the information of any apartment for rent or home for sale advertisement that you’re interested in.

Since you don’t have a lot of space to work on, choose your decorations quite carefully. Use the existing features of your house and don’t go for large and cumbersome decorative pieces that needs a lot of maintenance to install. Start with the simple things from garlands to basic decorative fixtures before you let your imagination run wild. Here are the best Christmas decoration ideas that won’t take up space in your home:


For starters, you can start doing your home improvement and makeover by changing couch covers, throwaway pillows, and floor rugs with a Christmas motif. Replace the curtains, shades, and window blinds with recognisable colours of green, red, or gold. Change the worn out table cloths and table fixtures with anything that reminds you of the holidays.

Choose Small Decorative Christmas Accents

One of the most popular décor for small spaces is obviously a small Christmas tree that will fit in your living room. You may opt for a plastic and synthetic tree so you can just reassemble it for future use. An ornamental centrepiece for your dining table will put your dining room as the centre of all Christmas activities in your home. Never forget to put your mini nativity scene with all the figurines. Hanging ornaments like Christmas wreaths, stockings, garlands, and clings sum up all the basic decorative accents for your Christmas home makeover.

Lighting and Smell of Christmas

Aside from the aesthetic look, using good lighting is one way to emphasise the decoration. Make sure that the Christmas lights are not made of substandard bulbs and wirings. The smell of the pine tree as well as the aroma of scented candles will enhance the holiday mood. Choose the cinnamon, bayberry, peppermint or sugarplum scents. Among the many Christmas table decoration ideas, putting candles and elaborate knitted table covers will warm up your dinner table.

Bring Christmas to Your Bathroom and Bedroom

Who says Christmas is only reserved for the living and dining rooms? Extend the holiday spirit all the way to your bathroom. Images of Santa Claus, Christmas trees, ornaments or snowflakes are enough to put a smile on the faces of your guests. Are you dreaming of a white Christmas? Decorate your personal space with a Christmas-themed beddings, holiday curtains, and Santa-themed lamps.

Lighten Up

Since you only have a very limited space, it would be best to put decorations that are appropriate for your home. Don’t over indulge with too much Christmas in your own space. Aside from the typical Christmas star decoration, you can also lighten up the place with simple shiny accents like golden balls and silver trimmings.

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