Six Christmas Decoration Tips for your Car

Even if your favourite Holden Commodore or ever-dependable Ford Falcon may not be studded with every Christmas trimmings and designs, you can always decorate it by putting something that reminds you of the holidays every time you drive it on the road. During this time of the year, there is a growing demand for car Christmas decoration services for people who want to have their automobile spruced up like something given by Santa Claus himself. Dressing up your ride this time of the year can also be a perfect way to clean up the mess and show off your car in brand new way. Just like buying a new car from car auctions Brisbane as a Christmas gift for your wife, finding good decorating ideas that work also take time.

You don’t have to waste your time and money for expensive Christmas decorations when you can always put what you don’t use at home. Learn to harness your creative skills and make something out of the old decors you stored in the basement or attic. From used LED lights to old garlands and balls, you can make your car as Christmassy as your own decorated living room. Take time to replace the worn-out upholsteries, clean the dusty dashboard, and replace the decorations with something new and fresh. Here are the six car decoration tips that you will need:

Christmas Lights

Have you ever seen the Coca-Cola truck lighted in the television commercials a few years ago? Well, following the allure of bringing a smile on the face on people seeing your car in Christmas lights would be something special. You can never find such amazing spectacle even if you ask a car sales Melbourne representative. Don’t overdo your lighting design so that it won’t distract you while driving on the road.

Car Decals

Racing cars have awesome decals in their exteriors but have you ever thought about the idea of placing Christmas decals on your car for a change? Fortunately, there are car decals that you can easily remove whenever you want to change the design.

Dashboard Decoration

The dashboard is where you can place small-sized Santa Claus figurines or stuffed toys just to lighten you up. Make the decoration simple enough without affecting your viewing visibility because any distraction in front of you may lead to serious accidents especially on the Christmas shopping rush hour.


It may sound outrageous but putting a big gift ribbon on your car may sound like that you have won something. Unfortunately, any car hire Melbourne wouldn’t let you do that on their car unless if they give it for free!

Santa Claus

Santa Claus is the most distinguishable face of Christmas so it is not surprising that people place their favourite Santa stuffed toy in their dashboard or wear Santa clothes when driving to the mall. Plastic decorations and inflatables would make your car looking like his sleigh.

Holly and Ivy

Some drivers may consider putting greens or berries on their vehicles. Even car rental Melbourne companies put holly and ivy design in an effort to boost sales too! Adding these decorations on the interior would put colour and pizazz but make sure it won’t affect road visibility. Putting it on the grill would not be as effective as it may come loose when your vehicle hits the road.

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