12 Things Freelance Designers Want for Christmas

Christmas is just a few days away and freelance designers have been doing the best as they can to make their clients happy. As appreciation for all their hard work and perseverance, these independent professionals would love to receive gifts that they truly deserve. Christmas gifts that money can’t buy would a great gesture so it would be an excellent idea for employers to make a freelance designer’s job easier and more convenient than before. With their wish list on their mind, freelance professionals would love to have the best jobs and amazing clients that they can find in a freelance search portal.

It would be quite fitting to reward someone who made the job done. Employers who outsource their work to freelance designers should think about them and fulfill the wish list that they’re dreaming of. A 12 days of Christmas analogue would be a perfect way to fulfill their wishes and make sure they get what they want. Although, anyone can buy something special from the shopping mall but it would be great to help fulfill their wishes of making their work more interesting. Here are the things they want for Christmas:

A Good Client

Freelance professionals would love to have a client that provides them new projects and keep a steady flow of work. That would be an ideal working relationship to build. Not everyone has the luxury to have a steady flow of gigs so many freelance designers have to look for clients willing to work with them all the time.

Two Days Off on Weekends

Let’s face it, all freelance designers wanted is a little bit of time off from work. Whether it’s meeting daily quotas or meeting project deadlines, it would be a good way to reward yourself for a much needed break from the action. Even if you are your own boss, there are times when you overwork yourself. A good Christmas gift would be a two days off from work.

Three Revisions are Enough

Although revisions are part of the process to make sure that the end product is good, some freelance designers hate the idea of making minute changes that are too many to count. Don’t be the hated Ebenezer Scrooge and stole their Christmas by making them work overtime just to get things right. For a change, three revisions to a design work are enough.

Four New Ideas and Inspirations

Creativity is all about keeping up with the demand of providing new and fresh ideas. Getting four new ideas a week is one way of keeping your creative juices flowing. Getting new ideas to optimise and improve freelance designers websites is one of the many creative venues you need to work on.

Five More Minutes of Sleep and Rest

Although designers work through the night to keep up with the ever-changing demands and work deadlines, an extra five minutes of sleep and work can make a difference between completing a task to failing to submit work on time.

Six Free Design Upgrades

Upgrades are necessary especially if you’re using photo and video editing software. Besides, designing standards and trends tend to change in meeting with client demands and requirements. Design software suites may cost thousands of dollars so it would be economical to upgrade outdated software from time to time in order to minimise the cost.

Seven Figure Annual Income

Is it time for a pay raise? As long you do your job and make significant progress in providing topnotch work then an increase in your annual income is the perfect gift to you. Though most of us want to get rich, freelancers just want to have a steady income that can support their lifestyle.

Enchanting Magic Eight Ball

There are many choices to make if you are a freelance designer. Would it be great to have a magic eight ball where it can help you decide on what to do next? Having a magic eight ball would be one of the fantasies that you want to come true.

Start Your Work at Nine O’Clock

Most of us would agree that working early on the morning would be a bad idea since most of us are still dreaming about getting rich. I would be a beautiful thing not to battle with your alarm clock when it’s supposed to be time to start your day.
Tired-Free Ten Fingers

Whether you like it or not, your ten fingers would give up on you after the long-hours finishing your work. Would it be great to have a nice hand massage for a change? From all the drawing, sketching, and typing, it’s time to have your hands that feed you to feel a little bit of pampering.

Eleven New Projects to Complete

Since you will be enjoying your holiday vacation and Christmas time-off, it would be a perfect to have new projects to line up before you get back to work. In that way, you will all be set up for the next year. If you are looking find freelance designers projects, make sure you stack up so that you have all the time to relax and enjoy the company of your loved ones in a remote destination.

Twelve Months of On-Time Payment for the Next Year

This is the perfect scenario that any freelance designer would want – being paid on time without any delay. What a perfect gift would this be!

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