Best Christmas Travel Ideas in Australia

Unlike most favourite destinations, Australia has a different Christmas atmosphere than the rest of the world. The heat is on and people would spend long days in the sun as summer is starting to pick up. While we are familiar with the images of the cold wintry snow of Christmas, Aussies celebrate the holidays quite differently than Americans, British, or Canadians. Many would love to enjoy outdoor activities like a yacht cruise or watching sporting events like the Boxing Day Test Match or the Sydney Hobart Yacht Race. Catch up with your family and friends and enjoy fun-filled activities for the rest of the holiday season.

Here are great Christmas travel ideas you may want to consider in your itinerary:

1. Sunbathing at Whitsunday

2. Go Camping at Kwiambal National Park

3. Visit Waterfall Way

4. Tasmanian Christmas

5. Floating at the Murray River

6. Kangaroo Island Escape

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