Career as a Midwife Nurse

Most expecting mothers are choosing midwives over doctors for the birth of their babies. There is an increasing number of patients preferring home births and midwife births in hospitals because a growing movement that support such approaches in child birth.

Many patients, especially first-time mothers, are interested in a birth process that requires minimal medical intervention as possible. No wonder, there is a growing support to midwives who practice this process as opposed to doctors. Patients are now exploring various options that include home, water, and natural birthing methods. With these developments, becoming a midwife can be a practical, rewarding, and enriching experience for many nurses.

Midwives perform very important tasks so they should be trained to medical procedures and interventions that are to be used when the patient needs it. They spend a lot of time before the birthing procedure by checking all the important vital medical information such the baby’s heart tones, measurements, and ultrasound results. They also educate the patient and their loved ones on the various birthing methods and important positional techniques to birth babies easier. Aside from that, they provide the mothers options on the birthing process – natural or medicated. One thing that you should know is that midwife nurses can perform many of the functions that doctors normally do.

Nurse midwives do their jobs naturally with compassion and care that doctors cannot give. They are also well-acquainted with natural remedies because mothers prefer anything not synthetic. They emphasize breastfeeding in mothers because there are benefits to it. Besides, they are specially trained certified lactation consultants so they can help mothers to properly breastfeed their babies and deal with health issues related to it.

In every step of the way nurse midwives follow the patients birthing process from pregnancies to childbirth. Mothers and midwives form a close bond because these healthcare professionals make sure that the patients and their babies will come out of the hospital perfectly well. It is saving two lives all at once. No wonder, they find the profession of a nurse midwife very rewarding.

Nurses who want to specialize as a nurse midwife may have to consider taking additional nursing classes and other advanced certifications aside from their Bachelor of Science in Nursing degrees. It may hard and challenging but in the end, all your efforts will pay off. Not only you can secure your family’s financial situation but you are also looking forward to a successful and long-term career. The demand for these types of specialist nurses would increase in the years ahead. It is not a surprise to see more nurses taking more roles that ever before in order to ensure continuity of care and the improvement of birthing process in maternity wards.

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