Simple Personal Safety Checklist for Christmas Travel

When you see Christmas trees, the glittering lights, and gift-giving all around you, it could only mean one thing – the holiday travel season is upon us. Many people are looking to spend their Christmas on the sunny Bondi Beach or Tasmania’s picturesque landscape. As most of us looking to travel around Melbourne or Perth, we tend to overlook our personal safety checklist as we start packing for vacation. Once we complete our checklist, we need to check it twice and prepare from any unexpected happenings from traffic jams to flight delays.

Follow these tips and suggestions to ensure that there will be no problems along the way:

1. Get a Map

2. Do Your Research

3. Confirm Your Schedule

4. Pack what you need

5. Travel on Christmas

Not sure if you have your personal safety checklist covered? Read the full article at Fly to Australia.

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