Back Exercises for Nurses

Everyday nurses physically exert themselves from all tasks from transporting an incapacitated patient to the emergency room to adjusting the hospital bed to meet the patient’s comfort. Nurses are exposed to different physical activities that may give them painful back pains in the process. The healthcare personnel who are at high risk of back pains are those working in orthopedic units and emergency rooms.

It is really difficult to work when your back really hurts especially when your back muscles are strained and stretched so hard. Before starting your shift, you have to warm up first and do a little bit of back exercise so that your muscles will be ready for the daily grind of nursing work.

Nurses should observe a daily strength and training regimen for the back to prevent it from getting inflamed and painful. Muscular strengthening exercises are needed at once especially when the back pain has subsided so that you can stabilize your weak tissue. Don’t overdo your strengthening exercises because some muscle fibers may become damage especially when the injured is healed prematurely.

Talk to your doctor first before doing any strenuous and intense exercise regimen to relieve your back pain. Nurses should understand that the exercises are geared towards movements that place your body in the most comfortable position. Consider flexion exercises to alleviate your back pain as these exercises help you bend your body forward through knee to chest movements, sit-ups, and curl-ups. This exercise method will also stretch your back and strengthen your abdominal and back muscles at the same time.

Here are recommended exercises can help prevent or reduce back pain:

* Aerobic exercise

* Prone buttocks squeeze

* Pelvic tilts

* Hamstring Stretch

* Hip flexor stretch

* Wall sits

For lower back pain, there are some exercises that can aggravate your back pain and may risk injuries. It is important to say away from these exercises:

* Straight leg sit-ups

* Bent leg or partial sit-ups if acute back pain is present

* Lifting both legs while lying on the back

* Toe touches while standing

Your shoe may have an effect on your back so if you have a very uncomfortable shoe then there is big chance that you will suffer from severe back pain. If your shoe that has a broad heel then it will provide good support and stability to your body. Any improper alignment of your knees, ankles, and hips will make you more susceptible to back injury. Nurses should make sure that their stomach, back, and leg muscles support the spine better so that the pressure on the spinal discs will be reduced thereby lessening the risk for back pain.

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