Working as a Nurse at The Ottawa Hospital in Ottawa, Ontario

Canada is one of the top career destinations for nurses from the Philippines because it offers the best hospitals and medical centers in North America. Being a multicultural country, Canada provides the best career opportunities for those who want to pursue specialization in the nursing profession.

Filipinos have immigrated to the country for the past few years and have contributed to the growth of the healthcare industry. Canada offers world-class hospitals and medical facilities thereby making the country a magnet for overseas jobs. The country has had a publicly-funded system of hospital and medical care since 1968. Most nurses work within the publicly funded sector of health care, some work in the private sector, while a small number of nurses are self-employed.

The Ottawa Hospital (TOH), located in Ottawa, Ontario, is the leading health sciences center in Canada. With the support of its partners, TOH has become nationally recognized for its outstanding patient care, education, and research. The hospital also prides itself for its cancer, heart, kidney, and vision care specialty centers. It also offers rehabilitation services.

Going for nursing abroad, particularly in Canada, provides greater career opportunities for foreign nurses because of the competitive compensation packages offered. As one of the largest teaching hospitals in Canada and one of the Ottawa area's largest employers, TOH is an invaluable asset to the region's economic health and helps to make Ottawa one of the country's best cities in which to live, work, and raise a family.

The hospital system is also a proud partner in health care delivery in the Champlain Local Health Integration Network, part of the Canadian government’s plan to build a stronger health care system in Ontario. Among its important partners include the University of Ottawa Health Institute, the Ottawa Hospital Research Institute, and the Ottawa Hospital Foundation.

Due to a decline of nursing graduates in the country, a number of Canadian hospitals are experiencing nursing shortages and this is where many Filipino nurses come in. Most Filipinos want to gain foreign working experience in Canada before going to the United States, the United Kingdom, Ireland, or Europe.

Employment agencies for nursing abroad may ask prospective nurses to complete the necessary paperwork and submit necessary documents to facilitate their application process for working at TOH. The nursing profession in Ontario is regulated by the College of Nurses of Ontario (CNO). Make sure you made the necessary research on the rules and regulations that governed the nursing practice in the country.

Once you get hired, always prepare for hard work and emphasize on self-directed study by keeping yourself updated with the latest practices in the nursing profession. You have to understand that the CNO has specific guidelines working in Ontario. Never stop reviewing and refreshing the skills and knowledge you already have.

Don’t forget to mingle with your new colleagues because they will be the ones who will support you during your stay in Canada. Learn to communicate with other people especially the local patients that you will be working on. Talk to your Head Nurse and unit preceptor if you do have questions and concerns regarding your work.

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