Contract Signing Guidelines for Nurses

The contract is the most important document that nurses should take time to read and understand especially when considering nursing abroad. Overseas jobs have attracted many nurses to go to the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom to pursue their nursing profession there.

Due to the increasing nurse shortage, many hospitals, medical centers, and other healthcare institutions have contracted nurse recruitment firms to do the recruiting for them. Unfortunately, there are also bogus and fake recruitment firms that prey upon helpless nurses. That is why it is important for a nurse to check the contact before commuting to the job being offered. Here important things that nurses have to consider before signing a contract:

1. There is no perfect contract
All contracts require trade offs and compromise to meet your need and the employer's requirements. However, you still have to put your rights and benefits on the top of your priority list.

2. Some contracts sound too good to be true
Don't fall for the favorable conditions written in the contract, check for fine prints that may put you in a difficult position. There is always a catch, its about finding it before you sign it.

3. Don't be too choosy
Contrary to the previous tip, don't throw away a good job offer or contract that is 'not perfect.' Again, it's all about making a compromise. If the location is an issue then you may perhaps consider finding a place to stay there. If you have an extensive experience then you may have to take an offer from a bigger hospital but not on the city that you always wanted to go. If salary is an issue then compute for the cost of living if working there would be better than any other place. Decide what is important to you and be willing to be flexible in other aspects.

4. Don't ever sign a contract where you intend to quit
Not only it will hurt your reputation but the reputation of other foreign nurses as well. Besides, you may be facing potential immigration problems if you breach a contract from your foreign employer. Take your time and do your job by showing your employer that you are the consummate professional because maintaining a good reputation may help you in your future career in nursing.

5. Consider the place of work
Before you sign the contract, make sure that you have done your research about the place where you work and city life so that you won't have any difficulties adjusting to your work and going around the city that you will be living in for quite a while.

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