Critical Care Nursing in Accidents and Emergencies

Medical breakthroughs and nursing innovations has changed the way nurses and doctors handle emergency care when it comes to accidents and emergencies. For the fast few years, these developments have save countless lives of patients in intensive care unit. The advances in medical practices and procedures have also increased the demand for quality healthcare services in the public and private sector.

In the field of accident and emergency nursing care, these changes have made significant impact in saving people's lives and the nurses responsible for ensuring the continuity of care. Nursing staff with specialized nursing training in accident and emergency care have helped increase the chances of recovery in patients undergoing critical care in the ICU.

These emergency care nurses have helped their nursing unit develop effective nursing techniques to treat different types of injuries, ailments and traumas. It is safe to say that experienced, skilled and autonomous medical staff are the key factor in the improvement of patient care and treatment.

Patients who suffer major trauma, injuries, or illnesses are always referred to the nurses who specialize in accident and emergency care. However, there is a growing number of individuals who visit critical care nursing units for less serious conditions. Recent studies have shown that three out of four patients visit emergency care units even though they are not suffering from life threatening injuries. This can be attributed by the perceived quality of healthcare that these patients receive in these types of medical units. With the growing cost of private healthcare, it is not surprising that many people would always ask help from nurses in the emergency care services.

There is a demographic disparity with regards to exposure to physical injuries and various illness types. Accident and emergency care may require nurses to have different skills, confidence in handling critical care nursing issues, and flexibility in meeting changing needs and priorities. Nurses should also be able to provide the medical and emotional needs of the patients and their family. At any time, patients are being rushed into the emergency room and intensive care unit so nurses have to think quick and act decisively. They should apply their experience, skills, and knowledge in the entire nursing process. Aside from that, nurses should exhibit high degree of autonomy to proactively care and manage the patients.

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