Ethnic Flavour: Social Media Marketing in Business

Australia is becoming one of the fastest growing multicultural countries that provide amazing opportunities to immigrants and other ethnic groups. Whether Italians or Croatians, Arabs or Indians, and Chinese or Malays, anyone has all the chances to achieve business success. In order to become successful, any aspiring businessman or would-be entrepreneur would do their best to market their products and services to customers, regardless of their ethnic background. Imagine promoting Italian cuisine to Chinese consumers, how will you do it? Ethnic businesses should have an effective social media marketing strategy and think outside of the box if they want their venture to go beyond their community and attract new and diverse customers. If you are interested in starting a Chinese takeaway business, try searching online at an business search site.

Since the Internet has gained mainstream prominence, first-time business owners should learn the ropes of marketing their products and services online. In fact, entrepreneurs engaged in ethnic business should take a basic social media marketing course in order to maximise their chances of getting their business website known in Facebook or Twitter. Of course, one has to adjust to the needs and preferences of any ethnic group and conform to their social norms too. Adopting diverse approach in multicultural marketing is the key for success in ethnic businesses in Australia.

Being Multicultural in your Marketing Strategy
Reach out to your customers by speaking their language so if you want to promote your business to Hispanics and other Latino communities, use Spanish as the medium. By adopting this approach, the business can have different targeted social media campaigns across demographics and specific niches. Though this is a hit or miss strategy, you can adapt existing best practices from your previous efforts and apply it to your new campaigns.

Engage Them
Social media marketing is the best strategy in engaging with a diverse consumer base. Business owners should expand their knowledge beyond their products but consider learning their customers’ language, history, culture, and cuisine. If you want to know the people you want to engage, you need to understand their needs, their social environment, and their consumption patterns.

Celebrate their Cultural Heritage
Businesses encourage support from multicultural communities by having special events and promotions from a Chinese New Year sale or a Bollywood dance competition. The celebration of a cultural heritage should be the center of your social media campaign catered to various ethnic backgrounds.

Never Stereotype Other Ethnic Groups
Learn social media marketing and all the basics before you commence with your marketing campaign. When you deal with sensitive cultural issues, you need to have basic understanding about what to say and what print out.

Follow Emotion
Getting emotional connection with a diverse, multicultural audience is not that easy but the rewards are great. Some businesses have this corporate social responsibility to get involved with the local community and develop goodwill.

Research Well
Doing social media marketing in Australia can be a little bit challenging because you need to be updated with all the consumer trends. Any fad may change overnight and you need to know what they want in order to keep your products and services relevant to changes.

Never Make Faulty Assumptions
Before you make your assumptions the marketing pitch for your business, you have to test it out with your employee and focus groups. A good line of quality test should be in place before a disaster happens.

Reach Out to Other Networks
You don’t need help from a social media marketing company because you can do it by getting connected to social networking sites, microsites, and blogs.

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