What’s in a Name? Five Tips in Naming Your Business

We all want to achieve business success in any way possible. Successful businesses have made a big name for themselves that is why McDonalds, Microsoft, and Nike have become household names. It is all in the name that can get customers appreciate your business. Naming your business is not only the first thing that you should do, it is the most important thing in starting a business since it takes some time and brainstorming. Most people attribute your business’ reputation to how you named your business in the first place. The fact is that bad names may oftentimes mislead potential customers and even ruin your business for good. If you want to search for businesses according to name, consider using a specialised business search site.

It is very challenging to pick out one of the many business names that may be suited for your venture. The name will always form the identity of your business and best describes what you can provide and offer to your customers. No doubt about it, a good name will always leave a good impression. Make it unique but can stand on its own and speak what your business is all about. You wouldn’t want to name your business to something that talks far from what your business represents. Here are five important rules that you need to follow when choosing a business name:

1. Unique but Simple
Create a business name that is memorable but easy to remember and recall. It is important to understand that first impression really lasts and your customers and diverse clientele may want to know what you can offer by just the mere mention of your business name. In fact, some companies and organisations spend a valuable amount of time, effort, and resources on focus groups just to create a business name so simple but marketable enough to convince people to try. Remember, being a unique is a good thing but making your business an obscure and forgettable one is a disaster written all over it.

2. Visual Factor
In order to achieve business success, it is more than just knowing how to name your business. There is more to it than just having a good name, visual appearance also counts. When you talk about it, you are referring to logos. Successful businesses have iconic logos that consumers can easily identify it on television commercials and outdoor billboard advertisements. People will not mind the business name until they see something that can get their attention. Incorporating a visual element into your business nomenclature is an effective stimulant in getting your business inside your customers’ heads.

3. Pitfalls in Naming Your Business
Finding a business name can be a tightrope act between falling into something positive or negative. The truth is that words do have literal meaning (denotation) and emotional meaning (connotation). Depending upon the emotional, cultural, and social associations with such business name, people can have positive, neutral, and negative understanding with the name. If you are looking for ideas for business names then you need to choose the right words that best describe your products and services.

4. Business Information
New businesses and startup companies don’t become international brands overnight. It should not become more popular than Subway or Adidas but should be able to give potential customers or clients ideas as to what your business really do for them. There is no need to find for complex ideas for business names so a hair styling business should have “salon” or “hair design” on their names. Make it easier for potential customers and clients to find your business in directories and phone books.

5. Make It Short
When you talk about small business ideas, make business names short. Customers don’t want to memorise long business names. Short names would fit well on your business cards and website address. If you follow all the five rules and meet all the requirements then you will have for yourself a winning business name that will continue to attract customers.

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