Five Things to Know About Hotel Wedding Planning

It is always a dream for the bride and groom to have the perfect wedding because any hitches or problems would make the solemn occasion a nightmare. The would-be married couple should focus all their time and effort on their hotel wedding plans so that every aspect of this important personal milestone is managed well. After a romantic beach solemnisation rite or traditional church service, the families and guests of the newly-weds would head to the hotel for the reception. Before anything else, visit a hotel search site and book the best hotel suites that will accommodate all the invited wedding guests.

It is a huge responsibility for both bride and groom to make sure that their wedding will go according to plan. After all, there are countless things to prepare and ideas to consider in hotel wedding planning. Aside from meeting your needs and preferences, managing your dream wedding is all about getting in line with the budget. Since this is a momentous event, you want everyone in the reception to be happy from your best mates during your university days to the relatives you haven’t seen for quite a while.

Weddings are different than they were ten years ago as wedding trends constantly evolve with brides and grooms choosing to make their own rules when it comes to planning. Brides prefer weddings to have all the trappings of extravagance while grooms love the idea of having the wow factor emphasised all throughout the event. When choosing the venue, find hotel wedding offers that are not as expensive as the Langham Melbourne and without the flamboyance of a drive-in Las Vegas hotel wedding.

Check the Contract

If you don’t keep track of your finances then you will be over budget then you may have to forgo the last-minute flower delivery or food catering. In reality, a cheap hotel wedding doesn’t necessarily come with a good price tag since there are hidden fees that you barely know, such as service charges for hotel staff and extra charges for the hotel’s audio-video system. Never hesitate to ask questions about the inclusion of tips and other gratuities in your bill.

Get Special Rates

In order to get the most affordable hotel wedding packages, you have to negotiate with the hotel for a special rate. Make sure to negotiate the cost of the hotel wedding reception few months before the wedding day so that you have all the time to choose the hotel suite, arrange the decoration, and collaborate with the hotel’s in-house events staff in planning the entire wedding program. Aside from that, check out any budget accommodation options for your guests.

Follow Hotel Rules

Before entertaining flower arrangers, videographers, or food caterers, make sure that you know the hotel rules. Some hotels, especially the luxury and five-star classes, have their own list of approve vendors that you have to choose from. If you consider hiring a band to perform on your wedding day, check out hotel wedding deals that offer you some room for flexibility. You may opt out from any packaged hotel wedding deals, which may include in-house photography and wedding planner services, when you can get these specialty services from someone else for a much cheaper price.

Set Up Plan B

No matter how you look at your plan, there is always a disaster waiting to happen. Make sure that you set up an alternative course of action in case you encounter problems along the way. Even if you will be having a luxury hotel wedding, it is important to consider an alternate venue if you think that the wedding day falls on the peak season.

Payment Schedule

Aside from checking the contract to know the payment terms, you can always call up the hotel to confirm the deposit schedule. Even the best hotel for wedding may require a 50% deposit for the event space and the rest of the 50% is settled after the wedding date. Look for hotels that offer flexible payment options.

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