Friendly Tips in Getting Back in the Job Market

In today’s Australian job market, unemployment, retrenchment, redundancy, and corporate restructuring are the most common trends. Due to growing competition for better and high-paying jobs between fresh school leavers, career shifters, and unemployed, many people are falling into a deep hole as they are months and even years removed from the job market. It doesn’t matter if you are comfortable with your current job or entertaining the idea of a career change in order to take bigger challenges. However, if you are on a long layoff, taking a smooth transition back to the job market is essential in order to get back into the so-called “work groove.” Check for the hottest professions in the Australian job market on an employment search portal.

While companies are shedding employees, some are getting new personnel in via informal channels. Remember, today’s local job market is a cutthroat competition so if you consider returning to the job market then it is important to keep your competitive edge by learning new skills and expanding your knowledge in other areas. Start networking and update your resume before you get back into the job hunt. Be counted as a top candidate for a particular position by following these important tips and suggestions to get back into the job market:

1. Prepare a Plan

Consider your career ambitions and future plans in your decision to go back to the labour market. Know your priorities and the specific skills and proficiencies that you need to work on. If you want to strengthen your chances of landing a very important job then joining professional organisations or self-help groups is the first thing that you should do. Get to learn a new programming language or network with friends and former colleagues via Facebook or Twitter. Some vacant positions in the online job market flow seamlessly in the social networking stream that you barely notice.

2. Learn the Internet

If the last time you use the Internet was the Stone Age then you may have to learn the latest trends and developments in the World Wide Web and the job market online. Much of the world has changed and getting your bearings in the social networking phenomena is essential. Aside from that, starting your blog and portfolio site is one way of attracting prospective employees. Blogs are effective tools in promoting and advertising your basic skills and competencies. Showcasing your personal image online is one way of boosting your credibility and profile. Networking can get a long way because you can gain access to the hidden job market not advertised in the classified ads but are talked about in online chatrooms and business conferences.

3. Become an Expert

Though attracting media attention is one of the most effective ways of getting noticed quickly, you don’t need to appear on a “60 Minutes” interview with Liz Hayes in order to present yourself as an expert. You can try writing articles to your local newspaper and contributing content to a popular website. Once the mainstream media knows about you then it will not be far longer than your phone will start ringing with incessant calls from prospective employees. At the end of the day, the job market in Australia is open to everyone but getting the attention from future employees is one way of getting back in track in your career.

4. Ask Questions

As they say, asking questions will lead you to answers that you are looking for. Take your time to talk to people affiliated with a particular industry of your interest so if you are thinking of getting back your passion for programming, talk to computer programmers and IT executives. The more people you talk to, the greater chances of identifying key traits and competencies that you need to work on in order to achieve your goals. The future job market would be much different, has deep connections in the social network will provide you greater career opportunities that you can think of.

5. Update Your Resume

If done right, your resume speaks for yourself. In fact, a carefully written and organised CV that impresses a potential employer can give the job for you. In job market analysis, bad and disorganised resume writing is the common pitfall of getting a rejected application. Crafting your resume takes time and perfection is needed to get it right.

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