Going Freelance: Copywriter, Blogger and Website Manager for Hire

Though I know that freelancing has a lot of benefits and advantages, it was only a few months ago that I decided to go back as a copywriter, blogger and website manager for hire. I know its a tough world out there as I have to compete with other successful and talented freelance professionals out there. Being out from the full-time 8 am-to-6 pm office grind can be a challenge as I'm in a more laid-back, slow-time lifestyle. So to keep my creative juices flowing and avoid getting left behind, I decided to work on a list of projects both paid and pro-bono.

One of the exciting projects that I'm currently working on is for a architectural drafting / graphic design company in Australia. Although it is considered a website redesign, I'm basically building their website from scratch. It is still a work in progress and a long way to go. If you are keen on building a new house in Adelaide, you may have to consider working with them as they provide amazing three-dimensional rendering of your house. More website projects are hopefully in the horizon.

I'm not totally shutting my doors in going back into the conventional workforce but if there is a tempting opportunity, I would definitely grab it!

Recently, I have been making a lot of updates and housecleaning. Been installing new themes for my blogs and adding new content as well. Check out the following niche blogs:

FutureLapse - If you love the idea of time travel into the future and know how the past viewed their future then this is the best site to go!

Fly to Australia - Want to visit Down Under? Check out interesting tips and information that will help you understand why Oz is the best place to be.

Going to Singapore - Never been to the island city of Singapore? Know more of the things you never know about this island nation.

Kaon Ta Na! - Love to eat? This niche blog lists down the best food in the world from local Cebuano delicacies to the exotic, out-of-this world treats.

World's Most Beautiful Faces - Honestly, this is a test-bed side project that I'm working on. Don't worry, it's no #NSFW!

My long-running project that I'm still kept on working has been my genealogy / family project. Right now, I'm considering the idea of having a hosted website but I'm still testing new platforms and looking for the ideal theme that would fit well. If you know of an awesome Buddypress theme that can be configured to look a little bit like Genealogist.com, please post your responses.

Interested in working with me? Please drop us a line or visit Writers Vault for more information.

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