Time for a Theme Revamp

I realized that I have difficulty finding a solution to the bugs in the themes that I used in my Going to Singapore and FutureLapse blogs.

In the first blog, it seems that it takes so much time to manage the posts. I also found out that the main slideshow is not perfect because of its slight transparency that doesn't work well with the background picture.

I decided to ditch the old theme and used another one. The good thing about this current theme is that you can just add widgets that automatically populates it with random articles that you already created so whenever you visit the homepage, you will see different articles on it except for the current article feed and main featured slideshow.

In the second blog, it seems that the automated featured photo widget for every article that I write doesn't work well for my taste. Whenever I add more than one photo for any post, the script automatically converts it either to a slideshow or collage and leaves big gaps on the article where the photo should be embedded.

Although it is somewhat similar to the old theme, I doesn't leave out a blank space whenever the theme automatically generates a slideshow or collage. I also created an alternate logo using the Singapore flag and passport stamps.

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