Blog Redesign, New Niches and Guest Blogging

I have recently redesigned a couple of my blogs in order to take advantage of the latest blogger themes and responsive website features.

The Going to Singapore blog undergoes a drastic change on its blog header logo by incorporating the Singapore flag and adding passport stamps as foreground design. The secondary footer logo is just a simple flag design with word art. It seems the javascript files seemed to have started working so that the preview image has become distorted which is why took a free theme I found on the Internet.

Another flagship blog of mine is Fly to Australia. I have aggregated all my Australia-centric content in one site and also changed the existing theme that allows me to organize and curate content efficiently.

FutureLapse, a niche blog that specializes in retrofuturism and paleofuture, has undergone minor design changes by removing the vector teal stripe background pattern in order to improve readability and mobile render.

Love tiny houses? My Tiny House Lifestyle blog explores the interesting aspects of small home living.

I'm looking for guest bloggers who are interested to post their original content in my blogs. Just visit one of my blogs and fill out the guest blogger form. Bear in mind that I have the right not to post someone else's article.

I am planning to resurrect my dormant alternate history blog. If you are interested to collaborate, please leave a message.

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