12-Point Guide to Getting Freelance Leads and Clients

Freelance professionals may be their own bosses but finding leads and clients takes much of their time because it is the only way to have a steady income from the constant flow of workloads and projects. Keep your business up and running by constantly talking to prospects and keeping a frequent update on possible freelance opportunities. Whether you are a freelance writer or a part-time graphics designer, you have to reinvent yourself constantly in order to become competitive. Keeping constant communication with people in the freelance sector is one way to keep yourself relevant in this competitive industry.

Finding new clients is challenging because it takes a lot of negotiations and presentations in order to get a particular freelance project. Another thing that a freelance professional has to focus on is getting the prospect to consider you as a long-term business partner. A successful freelance professional never stops finding ways to better oneself and opportunities to gain stable income sources. There are many ways to find leads and convince them to become regular clients to work with.

Improve Work Portfolio

Building a good work portfolio can set you apart from the competition. These sites are effective tools in promoting yourself as the ideal candidate that can make the job done. Consider your portfolio has an art gallery where you can display your best work under your prospective clients’ discriminating tastes.

Build Up Your Reputation

Let’s face it, most clients work with someone they know and recognised by many as an excellent freelance professional. Finding clients and leads is not easy because an established leader in the field has diverse opportunities than a typical freelancer. Not only it gives an individual a whole lot of opportunities to choose from, but it also gives someone the bargaining chip to demand higher rates.

Try Blogging

One way of finding clients, especially if you are a freelance writer, is by starting your personal blog. This is one way where you can display your talent and communicate with the online community at the same time. Aside from that, you can also promote your services and freelance specialisation to prospective clients. Not only you build a name for yourself and boost your reputation, but you also get the chance to convert visitors into long-term business partners.


Get referral work and other freelance opportunities by building a strong network of friends, colleagues, and business associates. Who knows, you may stumble upon unexpected freelance work opportunities. Though most freelance professionals are connected online and networking can be done via social networking sites, you can also do it the old-fashion face-to-face way. If you happen to hang out in coffee shops, you will see some people tinkering with their laptops. Perhaps, you can introduce yourself and marvel at where your conversations will lead to – a possible freelance client in the making.

Make it Simple

Just like distributing your calling cards to people, make it easy for people to contact you. If you put a contact form on your website or blog, make it simple so that they can fill out the necessary information without a hassle.

Advertising via Pay-Per-Click

Consider getting PPC ads in order to increase inquiries on your freelance services. Since competitive keywords may be too much for your budget, go for phrases that include the specific aspects of freelance work and particular proficiency and skill that are your strengths. Finding new business clients maybe just a click away.

Consider Old Leads

However, some people who inquire about your services will not convert to clients but it doesn’t mean that they will never become your clients. Try getting in touch with someone and perhaps he/she may reconsider your offer. Keep the contact information of those who made inquiries and follow up with them from time to time.

Cold Calls

When it comes to finding new leads, it is important for a freelancer to be proactive. Never hesitate to call people who may be interested in getting your services. Don’t wait for the fruit to fall down in your lap.

Do What You Do Best

Don’t waste your time on something that you are not good at. Improve your quality of work by focusing your time and effort on it. Remember, finding sales leads is all about showcasing your strengths and proficiency.

Never Shy on Referrals

If you have happy clients, you will expect a lot of referrals from them. If you satisfy your clients then there is a big chance that they are going to pay it back. If you have just started your freelance career, consider getting your family, friends, and colleagues on your side because they would be happy to provide your possible referrals.

Reconsider Past Clients

Just like getting in touch with an old lead, consider working again with past clients because they would be happy to work with you on certain freelance projects. Catch up with a former client for a cup of coffee. Who knows, your conversation will soon lead you to an exciting project.

Trust is Everything

Building trust with your clients and prospects is creating meaningful and long-term business relationships. Finding business leads is all about showing them that you are reliable, responsible, and professional.

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