Protect Your Feet with the Revolutionary Nike Football Shoe Technology

Whether its the FIFA World Cup or the UEFA Champions League, we all love to watch and play the beautiful game. As in any football game, we've got to wear our reliable pair of Nike football boots and try to emulate Cristiano Ronaldo by evading one defender after the other or Lionel Messi by hopelessly attempting an awesome golazo. Yet there is one thing that most of us don't realise when it comes to playing football – a serious foot injury.

It doesn't matter if we play competitively or not, these injuries usually happen as a result of constant pressure and the impact of varying pitch conditions on your foot. Due to the nature of the game where you have to run almost endlessly for 90 minutes or more and get a whole share of punishment from tackling defenders, expect that your feet will become a wreck by the end of the game. Fortunately, Nike and most shoe manufacturers have integrated the latest shoe technology so that you can achieve that optimum playing potential without getting yourself injured.

Reinventing the Football Shoe
Most manufacturers have changed the way we wear our futsal sneakers and football studded-shoes so that we can run faster and kick harder than ever before without compromising our comfort. Whenever you go to any Nike Malaysia shop, you will get to choose a wide array of shoes perfect to any pitch from natural grass to artificial turf. The design evolution has come a long way since studs were added unto the sturdy sole of the football shoes worn by our football heroes from Pele to Franz Beckenbauer. That is why, football shoes have been reinvented with the addition of next-generation streamlined design that incorporates composite materials and aerodynamic features.

In every movement, your feet is protected so well that a Nike football shoe absorbs the hard impact and perfectly cushions your heel and joints. The latest iteration of its revolutionary Flyknit and Flywire designs have made the Nike Mercurial Superfly and Vapor X so ultra-light that it feels like that you're just wearing your socks on. It lessens the stress on your heels and toes so that you can run faster and sustain a long-stretch of end-to-end pitch battles. The application of ultra-thin synthetic materials that are lighter yet flexible will allow your feet to breathe regardless of pitch condition.

Preventing Serious Foot Injuries
Foot injuries like a torn anterior cruciate ligament or a Lisfranc fracture can effectively end your football playing career. Athletes who don't warm up before the game are more likely to get injured. So before you go to the field, you might as well start warming up first, get your Nike Huarache on and hit the ground running. Wearing shoes that have a better foot traction on the surface will help improve your fitness level and boost your flexibility and agility as well. 

Since ultra-light materials are utilised, you have more control in your kick so you can practice that Panenka or that looping and curving free kick. Studies have shown the importance of socks in preventing football injuries. Made of nylon and plastic fibers, the textured Nike skin seamlessly integrated a sock-like feature so that it effectively minimises ankle and heel injuries. Aside from the design aesthetics, it is important to make sure that your foot fits well to your shoe. Good thing, it's the ergonomic design has made easier to fit the contours of your sole to the shoe so that it cradles you at every step you make.

With the advancements in football shoe technology, professional and wannabe footballers can enjoy the beautiful game even more as serious foot injuries on the pitch are minimised.

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