Developing a Logo for a Creative Design Studio

I have been thinking of setting up my own corporate entity as a digital creative and online freelance professional for quite a while. So one day when I was buying groceries at the supermarket, I asked the bagger if he could put all the items I bought inside a box. It was amazing to see him doing it in no time at all. Not only did he manage to fit every single item of all shapes and sizes inside the box but the technique he used to tie everything up to make sure that the box won't collapse all of a sudden.

I realized that it's the type of knot he used and the ribbon he made to make sure that everything stays in but also make it easier for me to untie it to get everything out.

Not the actual photo but that's how they do it here (c) Inquirer Lifestyle

When I developed the logo, I know that I have to include the ribbon concept because I know it's the thing that binds things together. I used my own initials to create it so that two different ribbons are connected like two hands doing a handshake. The "JP" initial also means "joint progress," which is mutual success for both parties because I work hard to make sure that the client achieves success as their success is also my success.

The design is somewhat similar to the hexagonal shape vector graphic of my gradient-style personal logo that I already designed before. Even if you flip it upside down, you can still read the same initial letters.

The various ribbon vector logos gave me an idea to form it as my initials

If you look at it closely, the ribbon design does resemble an hourglass that's in a slanted position. As a freelance professional, I know time is really important and working with clients means that I have to follow the turnaround time as much as I can. It also resembles an infinity symbol and the lucky number eight as well.

I hope to get everything started soon...

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