Branding Concept: Redesigning My Personal Logo

It's been quite some time that I haven't updated my websites due to the absence of a reliable Internet connection in my area. And so, I have decided to play around and do some possible redesign of my personal logos. To make it more interesting, I am torn between two design concepts.

The first design combines my initials into one symbol and somewhat resembles a Germanic rune. I am not sure if it means something if a rune expert would see it. Just to be clear, it is not a Nazi swastika or anything related to white supremacist iconography. But if there is an issue with me using then I might as well use the other logo that I made.

Red over Black

Black over Red

Red over White

White over Black

Black over White

I have made a couple of alternate color schemes so that they will fit in different marketing and promotional materials that I may make in the future.

The second design features an iOS-esque design philosophy which uses the full-length of the color spectrum to contrast the gray honeycomb icon background. I am contemplating the idea of using a honeycomb scheme in my personal branding in the future. Aside from the main logo, it has a black and white color scheme and the slightly-altered version with the semi-transparent lighter gray outline.
Which logo do you prefer the most?

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