About Me

Hello, I'm John Paul Canonigo but you can call me "JP" for short. I'm a copywriter and blogger from Cebu who loves video games and watching documentary films. I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in History degree at the University of San Carlos. I enjoy writing about alternate history, historical fiction, pop culture, sports, food, tourist destinations, and tiny house living. I love to learn new things from graphics design to genealogy and master new skills of the trade.

My Career Highlights

• Seasoned copywriter and editor with more than 10 years of experience.
• Worked extensively with diverse clients from SMEs to MNCs in USA, Australia and APAC specialising in onsite and offsite content, content syndication and management, social media and SEO support.
• Involved in a wide range of online marketing campaigns from new product promotions to online contests.
• Excellent organizational, interpersonal, and communication skills with the flexibility and experience required to adjust to rapidly changing schedules and shifting priorities.
• Avid blogger and ghostwriter on a wide range of subject matter with particular specialisation in SEO content, website content and shared content.