Choosing A Stethoscope for the Nurse's Kit

Nurses can never go without their stethoscope because it is used to examine the patient’s heart beat. In that sense, it is necessary to choose the best brand of stethoscope for the nurse’s kit. One of the trusted brands in the stethoscope models in the market right now is the one made by 3M with their Littmann Stethoscopes.

The stethoscope is used by nurses to check heart issues and monitor the heart beat rate of their patients. That is why, a stethoscope is a must have in the nurse’s kit. Using the Littmann stethoscope is one way to examine for heart murmurs if a patient has symptoms of valvular heart disease. One of the best features of using this renowned brand of stethoscope is its selective amplificatory. This feature improves the stethoscope performance thereby making cardiologic diagnoses much easier.

The nurse must make sure that the stethoscope is in good order so that there will be no misdiagnosis due to a defective device. The nurse’s kit should also include a cardiology stethoscope, a palm-held sphygmomanometer, and a fob watch.

The sphygmomanometer, popularly known as blood pressure meter, is used to measure the patient’s blood pressure using its inflatable cuff to restrict blood flow and a mercury or mechanical nanometer to measure the pressure.

A phonendoscope is used to intensify auscultatory sounds, the internal sounds of the body.

There are different models of stethoscopes that nurses can use but in the end, it depends upon the specialized features that you need. Consider the acoustics feature or the tunable diaphragms. How about its construction? Will a stainless chestpiece, non-chill rim, or soft-sealing ear tips for the stethoscope work?

Newest technological breakthroughs in the healthcare industry have led to the development of electronic stethoscopes that are more powerful than that used by nurses. However, a stethoscope in the nurse’s kit is still handy and can be used in any given situation than its electronic counterparts.

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