Enjoying Your Whitsunday Adventure in a Day

If you already booked your chartered flight from Brisbane to Whitsunday Islands, you will be excited and amazed to see the aerial view of the islands with the emerald waters and white sand beaches. It may be a wonderful experience to go on a yacht cruise but flying over the island can be much more different. Many travel guides and tour review sites have recommended the islands as the best place for couples to relax and rekindle their romance. Far from the hassles and stresses of city life, the Whitsundays is the perfect alternative to weekend countryside road trip and occasional outdoor hiking because you can experience these activities in a single day visit to the islands. Don’t forget to book for cheap airline tickets at a low airfare search site.

In times of cheap tour packages, low airfares, and exotic travel itineraries, a Whitsunday day tour is one unique travel opportunity that anyone would want to have. You don’t have to fly to Fiji or some South Pacific island if you plan on getting a time off from work and spending quality moment with your loved one. Besides, many people would agree that going to Whitsunday Islands is best choice of romantic vacation for couples anywhere in Australia. Believe it or not, you can explore the beauty and splendour of the island in a single day. You can enjoy many activities from taking snapshots of the amazing sceneries and taking a lovely stroll at the famous Heart Reef off the Great Barrier Reef. Here are some of the things that you can do in your day tour of the islands:

Alfresco Breakfast

Now that you’re in one of the most romantic vacation locations anywhere in Australia, it is quite fitting to start your day with a lovely breakfast alfresco-style as you begin a lovely conversation with your loved one while enjoying your meal with the beautiful sights and sounds around you. Perhaps, you can visit some of the restaurants that offer you an unobstructed view of the entire area. You would be surprised that there are culinary treats that you haven’t tried before.

Seaplane Adventure

Many tourists would definitely want to hop on the Buccaneer or Cessna seaplane at the Whitsunday Aerodrome Shute Harbour so make sure that you have already made your booking for the tickets of your seaplane adventure over the islands. Arrange a location where the pilot can drop you on a stunning location like Whitehaven Beach. From there, you can have a simple but romantic picnic of club sandwich and sparkling wine.

Island Hopping

With so many wonderful islands covered with natural flora and fauna all around, it is obvious that island hopping activities are part of any romantic vacation packages to the Whitsundays. Visit the following islands in no particular order – Silversmith, Thomas, Keyser, Mansell, Maher, Lindeman, Cole, Pentecost, Hamilton, Harold, Sillago, Ireby, Esk, Border, Deloraine, Hook, Hayman, South Molle, and Long. You can end your day with a drive through the Bruce Highway and head to the beach town of Bowen where Nicole Kidman and Hugh Jackman had a scene on the Baz Luhrmann movie for the movie “Australia.”

Lunchtime Love

Have a good lunch with your mates on a catamaran or drop into a secluded island where you can a relative peace and quiet while sipping your piñacolada. You may be interested to taste the wonderful cuisine of beachfront restaurants and eateries if you are up to a gastronomic adventure.

Beachside Stroll

After your lunch, you can spend your entire afternoon in one of North Queensland’s best beaches Horseshoe Bay. From there, you can frolic in the sand, play beach volleyball with friends, swim in the Coral Sea, and take a side trip on any isolated islands, cays, and coral reefs before grabbing a soda along the way.

Eco Tour

If you can’t find cheap romantic vacation packages that allow you to check out the lush green forest in the area then you can leave the hot sun behind by heading to Hydeaway Bay and drive through to Whitsunday’s best kept secret – Cape Gloucester. Your eco tour won’t be complete if you don’t take time drop by at a small café for a cup of tea.

End the Night

There are cheap accommodation on Whitsunday Islands to choose from small beach resort to luxury hotel suites. How about start a campfire by the beach where you can have your favourite seafood dinner as you and your mates talk about what happened during the day.

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